Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Little Loves

Hi, friends! This post is going to be super quick as it is about 6:00 AM & I have to get ready for work. I wanted to be sure to share with y'all our pics from this past weekend- Carly, Ryder, and Vivi came into town and the kiddos had such a great time. Well, most of the time, anyways. There were some tears, and there was some hitting. And some "not-sharing." And some frustration when one little person was "not taking turns." BUT, that just comes with it, right? :) Hutch & Hazel LOVE their cousins and were so glad to spend some quality time with them. As I said, this will be a quick post, so forgive my shortage of commentary to go along with the photos! 

Hazel adores Vivi. As in, she wants to know where she is at all times. And, she likes to get her sticky little fingers on her, too. Sweet little Vivi may have had her eye poked by one curious 18 month old. Maybe. 

Wonder what they were smilin' at? 

I think this pic is hilarious. I don't know if my fave part is Ryder just rockin' it in the diaper & sippie- how cool does he look here? Or Hazel obviously distraught over something. Wish I would have gotten a whole Hutch in it, too. Kinda reminds me of the Beatles album cover, but with little kids. Who are only half dressed. And crying. 

Singing on the swing

I love this b/c Ryder looks so content & just happy to be next to his cuz. Hutch obviously wasn't quite as excited.

While filling up the pool, Hutch & Ryder had a big time being splashed with the water hose by my Dad. They thought it was HILARIOUS and considering how incredibly hot it was that day, I am sure it was quite refreshing. I thought about skipping around the yard with them. 

Haha, jumping shot!

As always, we had a great time with my little sister & her fam! We sure missed Marc, but look forward to seeing him soon. AND, on another note, Haley is en route back to the US as I type this- whoot, whoot! We are beyond excited & can't wait to get that girl back home! Please pray for safe travels for her! Have a good one!!! XOXO


  1. Posted commentary on 2000 miles.

    Maybe we'll see you guys at Thanksgiving?

    1. Thanks so much, Kim!!! We had such a great time in Brownwood, but we sure thought about all of you! I wish we could get there more often. It's our year to do Christmas with Jeremy's fam, so we will actually be in Jackson for Thanksgiving...we need to get on the same schedule!!!

  2. I love the pics! They are too cute! What a GREAT weekend! Love you!