Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And So Said Hutch

Hutch took some precious time out of his busy evening yesterday to answer a few questions for me. I had this idea to 'interview" my eldest child a while back but finally sat down to do it last night. I had planned on being prepared with a set of questions, however, there was no time for that- we just went with it. Luckily Jeremy came in mid-chat to help contribute. Hutch didn't know what was going on- he simply knew my request was standing between him & his evening cartoon, so he felt he should oblige. We learned quite a bit about our little guys during this short span of questioning.

What's your favorite cartoon?
     How 'bout Diego? (love how he answered this first question with a question- and, by the way, he rarely watches Diego, so I thought this was rather interesting. Goes to show how legit these answers may be)

What is your favorite food?
     Ummmm, popcorn, mac 'n cheese, and hotdogs!

Favorite thing to do when you are not in school?
     Stay at home and color my sheeps! (I asked several times, "sheeps??" in which he replied, "YES!" although, he is on a big shape kick right now, so I am thinking he was just being silly)

Where would you go if you could go ANYWHERE in the world?

What do you dream about when you sleep?

What do you like to do for fun?
     play in the park

Whose your best friend?
     Caleb Bar (Sidenote: Never heard of this person)

What's your girlfriend's name?
     Emily (Sidenote: Never heard of this person either. Sorry, Ollie Cook, I guess it's been too long since we saw you!)

Who is Emily?
     the little girl who has the pink shirt on (Nice job, Emily, your outfit was noticed! :)

What's your favorite thing to do at shool?
     Trace and color


Who is your favorite super hero?
     Super Grover!!! 

What is your favorite animal?
     a cow-sheep (what? you've never heard of this??)

Do you know anyone who has duck-feet?
     Uncle Jarrod!!!!

What are you going to ask Santa Clause for this year?
     Ummmm, I don't have nothing for my screw driver to drive it in. (Editors Note: this would be a screw/ nail. Christmas shopping should be really easy & cheap this year!)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
     An astronaut! 

What does an astronaut do?
     Climb in their rocket & go to outer space!

What is your favorite song?
     Jingle Bells

Who is your best buddy in the whole wide world?

(Much to Jeremy's disappointment, this is not what he predicted the answer to be. So, the following question was prompted...) Who is Caleb???
     a little man at school

Is Daddy not your best buddy anymore?!
     Yes, you are!!! Daddy, you're my buddy! I love you!!! 

AND, that concludes our interview!

Friday, September 14, 2012

All Things Mint and Lavender

I was once known to blow a large chunk of my birthday money (I mean, large chunk, as in almost all of it) on a couple bottles of Aveda shampoo & conditioner. Ahh, I heart Aveda. I don't heart the way it makes my hair feel. In all honesty, the conditioner I purchased made my hair feel as dry as a bone (I am convinced I could leave a handful of conditioner in my hair & you wouldn't even be able to notice. It's that dry, y'all.) Anyways, it cost about $50 more to buy the conditioner for dry hair, so I decided to go for the, ahem, cheaper version. And really, I will just go ahead & say, I didn't care what it did to my hair. I made this purchase for the smell. Yeppers. I am a sucker for anything minty or lavender. On a side note, I happened to be plowing through these bottles of Aveda (ask Jeremy- I go through about a bottle of conditioner in a week) when I checked into Seton to deliver my first born child. So, long story short, Jeremy can't stand the smell of it anymore because it reminds him of childbirth. While we certainly have nothing but good memories from delivering our sweet little fella, I think the smell just reminds him of that hospital room that we were cooped up in for 3 days. 

Anywhooo, this post is not about reminiscing about delivering my babies, it's about some new products I have discovered that are all about the mint. And, better yet, they are CHEAP! I was so excited to discover these new items & I can guarantee you that I will have them stocked in our house for a while!

We are not Kroger fans (what's up, HEB, miss ya like crazy!), but I recently discovered their new gem of a product called Mirra. When researching this, I find out that it's a Kroger brand! And. it's all natural! AND, they have peppermint body wash that is just divine. Highly recommend. I think I paid $3.99 for the bottle. Not as big of fan of the hair stuff (no peppermint scents there, that I have seen), but it's cheap, too, so maybe check it out. 

mirra Daily Hair Care

Product #2- Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap. Casey, you get full credit for this. Btw, Casey & Jarrod have all things peppermint-y in their house. It's pretty awesome. She had this soap in their guest bathroom while we were visiting in July & I fell in love. AND, I happened upon it in Kroger the other day. While $5.00 is a bit more than I would normally pay for handsoap (I usually go for the ginormous refill bottles of Softsoap or whatever is on sale), I have realized that this stuff will last a LONG time. The soap is really liquidy, so you only need a few drops to get the job done. Thanks, Case!

Pure Castile Liquid Soap Peppermint

I have been a huge Method fan for long time & this is my favorite scent & cleaner. They also make this in a handsoap & other things. And, once again, all-natural. The great thing about Method is that you used to only be able to grab it at Target, but I see it everywhere now. Even at The Kroger (Kroger, maybe you aren't so bad. I should probably stop saying such bad things about you. On second thought, work on your produce and then we'll talk)

Method French Lavender All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner 28-oz..Opens in a new window

Well, that's my quick product review for you! I am sure you have all heard of these little delights, but I am usually the last to find out about lots of things, so forgive me! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Fun in Htown

We loaded up the troops and headed to Houston this past weekend to spend Labor Day with Carly, Marc, Ryder, Vivian, Haley, my Mom, and Dad. My parents were so sweet to actually drive the kiddos out there while we took the 5:00 flight from Jackson. We were, oh, so grateful! We felt a bit guilty when we beat them there (they hit the road about noon on Friday). Despite the fights, and throwing things, and tantrums, and tears, we had an absolute ball. Hutch and Hazel absolutely ADORE their cousins and love making the trek to visit them. And, I must say, it felt pretty good having Haley back in on the family gatherings. :) As to be expected, these pictures are TOTALLY out of order. What is it with my uploader?? 

Saturday we met Alissa, Penny, Mike, and Riley at our usual romp, The Ragin Cajun. The kiddos loved the ducks. 

 Hazel just chillin' outside in her Thailand elephant dress

Despite the heat (which was much more tolerant due to the newly installed ceiling fans out on the back patio), we spent most of our time outdoors. Ryder has lots of fun toys. In fact, I think I heard Hutch say at one point, "I don't have any of these things!" Which is true. Which also makes our trips to Houston that much more special. 

 Can you believe I actually spent some time editing these pics? I heart Picasa. But Hazel didn't heart that Jeep, let me tell you. We attempted to get her in that passenger seat many times, but it just wasn't flyin' in her book. Personally, I think she's holding out for her pink pony (ahem, Jeremy)

What do you do when you need to entertain 3 toddlers? Well, you "accidentally" throw a bag of M & M's on the floor. Let me tell you, it worked like a charm. 

Check out this little stud.

And this one, too!

Just hanging out eating bananas!

Trampoline time!

 Oh. My. Gosh. Did your heart just melt? Look at that sweet Vivi. This is the best baby I have ever met. Seriously. She rarely cries. She just smiles & takes it all in. Love. Her. 

Someone is super happy her Aunt Haley is back from Thailand.

Not really sure what is going on with my weird head tilt. That being said, I had to post a pic of me & my bestie! Penny, not sure if you are a blog reader, BUT the one of us 3 was not that great- the lighting was horrible. SO, that one didn't make the blog! I don't think you read my blog anyways, so you will probably never know. But if you do, thanks for coming to meet us!
  Suckers!! As in that's what they are eating. There was LOTS of sugar consumed this weekend. 

Lolli & the girls

Big Eyes!

 This is what went on most of the weekend. Just cruising around the yard. I even saw Carly taking a spin at one point. Not sure why I didn't get a picture of it. I am really regretting that now. 

 Oh yay-uh....check out this fella!

I would type something here but I literally can't stop laughing every time I look at this pic. Perfect!!!

Patio Fun!

We love hats!

So, that wraps up our trip to Houston. Thanks again to Carly & Marc for being the hostesses with the mostesses. And thanks again to my parents for ALL their help! Can't wait to rock it in 2013!

I neglected to up load pics from Hutch's last swim lesson at Maley's this session....we are SO proud of him! He is doing so well & had so much fun going each week. We made some great new friends & can't wait to sign him up again this winter. 

 Hazel is not impressed. If we are going to be honest. And, I do try to be honest with you always, I will just throw this out there. Hazel hates Hutch's swim lessons. And that's just all there is to it. It doesn't matter how many goldfish, suckers, sippees, whatever you bring...she will not have fun. Ever. I am convinced we could pay a circus troop to entertain her during this 30 minute lesson & she would still throw a fit. We stopped bringing her early on, BUT since it was Hutch's last one, we decided to brave the outing as a family. It wasn't easy. But we did it. :) 

I hope that you all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend...oh, and who is glad college football season is here? I am!! I love the fall & don't be surprised if you see me sporting some tall boots as soon as the temps flirt with the 80 degree mark. I just got some new ones in the mail today & I am itching to wear them everywhere. 

Have a great week, everyone! Come on, fall!!