Friday, September 14, 2012

All Things Mint and Lavender

I was once known to blow a large chunk of my birthday money (I mean, large chunk, as in almost all of it) on a couple bottles of Aveda shampoo & conditioner. Ahh, I heart Aveda. I don't heart the way it makes my hair feel. In all honesty, the conditioner I purchased made my hair feel as dry as a bone (I am convinced I could leave a handful of conditioner in my hair & you wouldn't even be able to notice. It's that dry, y'all.) Anyways, it cost about $50 more to buy the conditioner for dry hair, so I decided to go for the, ahem, cheaper version. And really, I will just go ahead & say, I didn't care what it did to my hair. I made this purchase for the smell. Yeppers. I am a sucker for anything minty or lavender. On a side note, I happened to be plowing through these bottles of Aveda (ask Jeremy- I go through about a bottle of conditioner in a week) when I checked into Seton to deliver my first born child. So, long story short, Jeremy can't stand the smell of it anymore because it reminds him of childbirth. While we certainly have nothing but good memories from delivering our sweet little fella, I think the smell just reminds him of that hospital room that we were cooped up in for 3 days. 

Anywhooo, this post is not about reminiscing about delivering my babies, it's about some new products I have discovered that are all about the mint. And, better yet, they are CHEAP! I was so excited to discover these new items & I can guarantee you that I will have them stocked in our house for a while!

We are not Kroger fans (what's up, HEB, miss ya like crazy!), but I recently discovered their new gem of a product called Mirra. When researching this, I find out that it's a Kroger brand! And. it's all natural! AND, they have peppermint body wash that is just divine. Highly recommend. I think I paid $3.99 for the bottle. Not as big of fan of the hair stuff (no peppermint scents there, that I have seen), but it's cheap, too, so maybe check it out. 

mirra Daily Hair Care

Product #2- Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap. Casey, you get full credit for this. Btw, Casey & Jarrod have all things peppermint-y in their house. It's pretty awesome. She had this soap in their guest bathroom while we were visiting in July & I fell in love. AND, I happened upon it in Kroger the other day. While $5.00 is a bit more than I would normally pay for handsoap (I usually go for the ginormous refill bottles of Softsoap or whatever is on sale), I have realized that this stuff will last a LONG time. The soap is really liquidy, so you only need a few drops to get the job done. Thanks, Case!

Pure Castile Liquid Soap Peppermint

I have been a huge Method fan for long time & this is my favorite scent & cleaner. They also make this in a handsoap & other things. And, once again, all-natural. The great thing about Method is that you used to only be able to grab it at Target, but I see it everywhere now. Even at The Kroger (Kroger, maybe you aren't so bad. I should probably stop saying such bad things about you. On second thought, work on your produce and then we'll talk)

Method French Lavender All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner 28-oz..Opens in a new window

Well, that's my quick product review for you! I am sure you have all heard of these little delights, but I am usually the last to find out about lots of things, so forgive me! 


  1. Funny, I just refilled our soap today with -yes, you guesed it - Dr. Bronner's peppermint castille soap! Too funny! I buy it in bulk at our health food store. You can bring in your own container and fill up as much as you want. It is cheaper than buying the bottles.

  2. See and I wish we still had a Kroger. I remember growing up and going to the Kroger in San Marcos and then at about age 8 they got rid of it and turned it into Hastings. They double and even triple coupons there unlike HEB! However, I do love my great HEB produce. I will have to take a gander on the products you have suggested...except for the Kroger brand products since I cannot get them anywhere around here! Hope you're doing well. Miss ya bunches!!! xoxo

  3. I, too, go through a bottle of conditioner a week. And hair product. cheap = my friend.