Monday, October 15, 2012

It's Fall, Y'all!

Let me just tell you that I have been in a productive mood tonight. I cooked up a batch of taco soup for us to have for lunch this week while also cooking our dinner. Then, I whipped up a batch of bacon to go into my bfast dish for our Bosses Breakfast at work tomorrow. Hutch helped stir the crumbles into the mayo. I only tell you this because I got a kick out of him asking me, "Is this your dinner, Mama??" A bowl of crumbled up bacon & mayo. Delish!!! 

Did y'all have a great weekend? We did! We went over to a farm in Brandon on Saturday to go for a hayride & see some other fall things. This place was awesome! And, it was pretty close to our house, which was a bonus. And, I got a Groupon that saved us $14! 

Who's that handsome stud underneath that hat???? 

I have decided that Hazel is quite partial to sheep.

One thing she certainly was not partial to was this wagon. Geez, Hazel, just gimme a smile!! Hutch is like, "Welcome to my world."

Snacks make both of these H's smile, though. 

Hehe, silly girl. 

And check out this little hat-head. 

Pumpkin Patch Bound!

I would like to tell you that Hazel was in position to make a pounce onto the pumpkin of her choice. BUT, I am honestly not really sure what she was doing. My guess is she had fallen down & caught this as she was pulling herself up. 

And, there's a good chance Hutch was just dancing away in the middle of that pumpkin patch. 

Who doesn't love a good hay-maze?

This girl does not like to pose for pictures, that is for sure. 

I've learned to be sneaky.

Our loot!

Look! It's goats! Hazel's favorite!

Saturday afternoon, we headed over to see Gran. I am so glad I got some pics of the kiddos with her b/c it had been a while since I brought my camera over. Hutch & Hazel were so glad to see her!

And, they especially loved the lift to the front door. 

Sunday, we went & purchased some gourds, hay bales, etc. It was fun decorating the front yard. Ok, I had so much fun with the last post, I just had to do it again. Do you remember this from last year? Wow, has he grown taller!

This picture cracks me up. I actually just made it our desktop background. 

And, it wouldn't be fall in Mississippi if it still weren't warm enough to eat popsicles!

On another note, has anyone seen Argo? Mandi & I went to see it Sunday night & it was FANTASTIC! We both loved it. My parents saw it earlier that day & loved it, too. Highly recommend. And, we discovered that the theater by our house (Parkway or Park Place or whatever it's called) has $5.00 movies on Sunday nights. Are you serious??? Is that not a steal? 

Headed to Starkville Saturday for the Homecoming game- can't wait! Did y'all watch the game last weekend. Talk about a nail-biter. So glad we won. 

Have a great week, friends! 


  1. Aw, looks like a lot of fun! Give the H's big hugs from Texas!!! Love ya'll! xoxo

  2. The picture with Hutch crossing his arms is pretty funny. I think he gets it from Jeremy...ask Jeremy to tell you the "junior high chaperone" story. If he doesn't remember, I'll tell you.
    Looks like y'all enjoy fall as much as we do! BTW, are your in-laws really considering moving to MS? There is a rumor going around.

    1. Hi, Kim, I will definitely have him tell me the story! Sounds entertaining. And, yes, they are looking at buying something down here- so exciting! Not to move permanently, but just to have a place where they can come spend a few months out of the year on down the road. yay!