Thursday, October 25, 2012

On Location

Let me start by saying that I hate to state that we have been busy. Everyone is busy, right? Isn't that just the way things are? One of my biggest pet-peeves is when someone constantly talks about how busy they are. There you go- a fun fact about me. But, really, who isn't busy these days? I know someone who doesn't want to be busy. Jeremy Hoskinson. We tend to differ there- I get antsy if we go too long without plans, whereas he prefers just laying low & not being on a schedule. But, that is for another time. I aptly named this post "On Location" because I think we saw the inside our house on maybe 2 occasions this weekend. It was craziness, people! 

Friday night, we headed out to Jacktober Fest downtown & it was an absolute ball. Cool weather, live music, brats, friends, and beer. Yay. We had a great time & some of us may have stayed out a bit later than others, but that's what it's all about, right? High Fives to the Kellers & Stephen Barnett (who, by the way definitely do not read my blog, but I will forgive them) for putting this together. Such Fun. 

Saturday, we headed to Hutch's soccer game. Let me just say that the more soccer games we "participate" in, the more we realize Hutch could careless about soccer. I use "participate" very lightly in this case. As in, just being physically present on the field. Hutch, bless his little sweet heart, just does not like soccer. He gets really excited about going & loves when the coach calls him out to the field. But, while everyone else is chasing after that ball, he tends to just wander around and look for airplanes. At this particular game, Coach Rusty said, "Hutch!!! Come on, buddy! Go after that ball!!!" Which Hutch promptly responded, "I'm busy." Huh??? Soooooo, that's that. 

Saturday afternoon, we loaded up the car with the kiddos and the 'rents and headed to Starkvegas for Homecoming. It was our first trip up this year & the kiddos had a ton of fun. They loved playing with their little buddies, whom they had not seen in ages. There were people everywhere. I mean, it was crowded. SO, we are all just talking and laughing and hanging out while the H's were running around, and suddenly we hear, "HEY! Look at that little boy tee-teeing in the bushes!!!" Shoot. Jeremy & I made eye contact from across the tent b/c we had a feeling we knew who this little boy was. We dared to look over & sure enough, all we see, ad-mist all of these little MSU fans throwing the football & tailgating, a tiny bare-bottom staring right back at us. Needless to say, Jeremy quickly ran over and assessed the situation & had a nice little chat about where it is appropriate to do this & where it is not. I knew this would come back to bite us. 

I told Brandi that she reminded me of a sweet little lady feeding the pigeons in the park. 

Sweetness- Hazel & Dani Cook

Surprisingly, Hutch actually sat still & enjoyed some of the game. This was probably about 15 minutes before I caught him licking macaroni off a serving ladle at the buffet line. 

Sunday, we headed over to the park for my office fall picnic. It was tons of fun, too!

I know that Tyla was so appreciative of Hutch helping with the Bingo game. 

After that, we went to the First Baptist Jackson/ Madison Campus fall festival where the kiddos were excited to sport their Halloween costumes. What are they going to be, you ask??? PIRATES!! ARGGGGH!

So, Hazel's costume may be a teensy bit small. Downfall of ordering online. Anywhoo, I tried to keep the skirt pulled up & she has this super cute skull bandanna that she insisted on taking off so I could immediately put back on. I will have some good pics next week before they hit the streets to scoop up candy. 

Doesn't this just make you smile????

Up this weekend: my bestie is coming in!!! YAY! Robert Earl Keene tonight @ H & M's, Croquet tourney at my parents, and another fall festival on Sunday in Utica. And, the weather is supposed to be cool, which is fantastic. Have a lovely weekend, my friends!! XOXO


  1. Go ahead and lump me into the pet peeve category with my comments on how busy the H's are! IT'S TRUE! And are you sure it wasn't you and Hutch that made eye contact and Jeremy marking his territory at the MSU party? Just kidding!
    ....I laughed at Hutch licking the ladle in the buffet line. I can totally relate to that one!

  2. And the busiest family award goes to....The Hoskinson Family!!! I love that you all always have something fun going on, it gives me something to read about once a week! ;) And I love all of the Hutch stories, and yet another hilarious one in this post. Hutch, you never let me down, you always make me laugh! The kiddos are so stinkin' cute! Love and miss ya'll! xoxo