Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pirates, Football, Croquet....and Everything In Between

What do these things have in common? Well, they are just a few things we have been up to since my last post ages ago. How have y'all been? 

We had 2 little pirates at our house Halloween. And, I must say, they were the cutest little pirates I have ever seen. We had some family over to eat dinner & help hand out candy just in case someone stopped by to trick or treat (they didn't) and to accompany us on our stroll through the 'hood. We did have to have a couple of conversations regarding "trick-or-treating" etiquette with Hutch. He would just pound on the door until someone answered & if he caught even a slight glimpse of their treat bowl, he would say, "Hey! Can I have those skittles instead of this chocolate? Please???" Hazel just followed his lead & a couple of times we did have to pull her out of someone's house. She just walked right in & am pretty sure she would have made herself right at home & within 5 minutes been asking for "milk???" had we not intervened. It was a fun night. And there were lots of "ARGHHHHs" and lots of candy. 

Hazel thought it was so sweet that Mee Maw was holding Lia. 

Inspecting the loot. 

Hazel loved Paw Paw the Pirate! 

This past weekend we headed up to Starkville with my 'rents to spend a couple of nights, anticipating a win over Texas A & M. While the win didn't happen, we had a blast hanging out with friends we had not seen in fa-evah. Huge thanks to Jeremy's Mom who flew in to keep the H's. They had a blast & certainly accomplished wearing her plum out over the course of 3 days. 

Ryan, James, Jeremy, Matt (pardon the blurriness- new camera is on the Christmas list)

They still find time to solve the world's problems....even when out of town!

Love that Ollie Cook!

Mrs. Anne said she felt like "Angelina Jolie" watching the game from a suite! 

Do we look tired? We were. We aren't the spring chickens we used to be, you know. 

It's a sweeet view from the suite. That's certainly the way to go, as far as I am concerned. The Dawgs didn't win, but we enjoyed the a/c & food!

Me & Kim

Chick, Shaun, and Helmsy....we are taking it waaaay back to my MSU Pro Shop days.

Shaun enjoying his cocktail at Old Venice. Pinkies up!!

Steak & Helmsy

Kim, Shaun, Flynn, Helmsy

We were so excited that Alissa paid us a visit a couple of weeks ago. This weekend coincided with the semi-annual Boone Croquet Tourney. Fun, Fun, Fun!

It was some kinda cold that day. Good thing Hazel was ready to rock her winter-wear. 

He made it!

Hazel just making sure no funny business was going on with the score keeping. 

Hutch was ready for cold weather, too! (ok, so there is a good chance that my Mom ran by Old Navy for me the day before to scoop up some hats. Thanks, Mom!)

Hutch made it!!!!

Amy & Jefferson

I think if Hazel could really put her thoughts into complete sentences, she would be saying this: "Jefferson, can you not go any faster?? I am sure someone else is waiting to push me next."

Hutch was eating a snack (really?) when he jumped up and said, "I have to go!!! MY TEAM NEEDS ME!!!" Yes, they did. He looks like a natural, don't you think?

Hazel & Rivers just catching up. 

My new friend, Julie, who just happens to be Alissa's cousin's wife. Get that? They moved to Jxn not too long ago & we have all become great friends. Love them. Oh, and that little fella is Graham. Isn't he too cute for words? 

Game in action. 

Jeremy & Tom

The crew!!!

I just adore my husband. :) 

And don't even get me started on this little one. 

All partied out. 

So, apparently the dentist thinks it's time to get Hazel out of the thumb-sucking habit. (My response to Jeremy was, "What?? Did you tell her how cute she looks when she does it??) Jeremy has been really trying to stay on her about it. Well, the other morning, we saw her sitting there just going to town on that little thumb, so Jeremy said, "Hazel, no thumb!" And she just instantly fell asleep! Can you believe that? It was CRAZY!

Right there at that table with that sweet little thumb in her mouth. And a big smile on her face. 
We were laughing so hard.

Score! Treats from Lolli & Pop! I am already preparing myself for future ink on these kiddos. They love them some fake tattoos. I say this, because Lolli was super sweet to include some tats in their treat basket. There may be a frog on Hazel's arm that she got a few weeks days ago that we can't quite seem to get off. At first, we left it on so she wouldn't get mad (that girl can throw a Class-A fit) and because she likes to look at it & kiss it. But, there may be a chance that the little sucker is just stuck for a while. I have tried some light scrubbing, but the little glittery "ribbit" is not even showing the slightest smudge. 

We headed to Utica for their annual church fall festival

Hutch on the "Redneck Ferris Wheel" built by the Boy Scout Troop there. Hutch was so excited while we were waiting in line, but he only made about 5 loops & was ready to get off that thing. 

Hope all of you had a Halloween filled with scary little creatures, lots of candy, and those you love. Girls trip to Houston this weekend! Can't wait to spend some time with my Mom & sisters (and B-I-L and that sweet Ryder & Vivi!!)


  1. As a mom, my first thought on Hazel's winter clothes that she wore during the croquette game: Wow, I wonder how long that white sweater lasted on a 2 year old! You are brave Lindsey!

    Oh, and I sucked my thumb until 14....well, okay, 5, but here is how I stopped: My mom had tried everything but when we visited Nanny and PaPa, PaPa said, "Well, you're just my little thumb sucker aren't ya!" This apparently made me so mad that I never sucked my thumb again - even in my sleep! So if she is stubborn, there is hope for little Hazel.

    1. Kim, my thoughts exactly on Hazel's coat. That being said, I got it on sale & I just thought it was too cute. By the end of the night, she was covered in meatball sauce- gotta love stain remover! Thanks for the advice on the thumb sucking- she normally just does it when she is tired & she is quite the stubborn one. That is so funny about PaPa Bill- I can just hear him saying that!

  2. Family and friend fun! I love it! Could Hazel possibly get any cuter...I think not!!! I think she's just precious with that thumb in her mouth too! We've been working on our girls' finger sucking habits for a while now too...good luck to you, we have not had any triumph! Ah well, "let them be little!" Oh, and if you really want to get the tats off in an instant, baby oil! Hugs to you all!!! xoxo