Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Shower & a Birthday

Raise your hand if your glad it's the weekend! Me, Me, Me!!! It is 8:11 and I am writing a post to kill time while waiting for the H's to call it a night. I was banking on an early night, considering that naps were nonexistent today. And when I say "banking on an early night," I mean that as in I plan to be sleeping like a little baby by 9:00. Goal of being asleep by 9:00 (PM) on a Sat. night? Thrilling, huh? :) 

BUT, that being said, it's been quite a day & I am a bit on the tired side. I started off my morning by helping host a shower for our dear friend, Mandi. We had the shower at our house so I have been busy all week prepping. She & Travis are expecting their baby girl in February. 

Diaper cake with Pink Champagne center. I think Mandi thought I was playing some sort of cruel joke on her with anchoring this baby down with a bottle of booze, however, I explained that the purpose of this was to help celebrate after the little girl is born. She will thank me later. 

Mandi's fave book when she was a wee one. And, yes, we made her wear the cheesy button. 

Hazel was so excited to be with the girls for the shower.

Hostesses with the Mostesses. Mandi's the pregnant one. :) Or, if that doesn't help, as she was quite convinced her dress was throwing off some sort of optical illusion, she is next to me. Then there's Sarah & Jennifer.

How funny is this? I don't know what we were doing. Or talking about. I think Sarah's face is HILARIOUS.

After the shower, we headed over to Hal & Mal's to help Rivers celebrate turning 2. All of our little buddies were there, so that was pretty exciting. Jefferson, Ollie, and Hutch (and you can see Hazel in the background trying to snag some balloons)

The Elmo Princess. Or also known as Rivers. Brandi made her dress- how cute is this little 2 year old? 

Hazel playing "Pin the Nose on Elmo" while clutching a stolen baby from Ollie. I think she was saying, "Mine. Mine." 

I don't think I have every seen anyone so excited about cake. You should have seen this girl- she ran out to the patio and started passing out plates to everyone. I am convinced that she would have sliced & served pieces if her Mama had let her. 

Hutch & his buddy, Jefferson

Kickin' it on the patio!

Attempting to take a group kiddo pic. Not an easy task. 

Oh, and did y'all see this on FB? Well, just in case you didn't, Hutch & Hazel caught up with Santa Claus this morning in Canton. Hutch was telling Santa that he wants a Buzz Lightyear for Christmas. 

And, here is Hazel, just hoping she makes it out of Santa's lap alive. 

Tomorrow we are getting our Christmas tree- I feel so behind! Can't wait to pick it out, put on some Christmas movies, and get to decorating. I think some cooler weather would possibly get me more in the mood, but that's ok. I can just crank the a/c. :) Have a lovely rest of your weekend, friends!

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  1. Love the Santa/Hazel pic. M&Em's looks a lot like that at her age too! We miss you guys tons! If we are ever lucky enough to visit you guys, I totally want to go to Hal & Mal's...that place looks so fun! Give those H's hugs from their Texas buds! xoxo