Friday, January 25, 2013

Our Funny Little H's

Hutch told me the other night that I did not need to worry about watching his Spiderman toy while he slept (I simply offered to keep an eye on him to make sure he didn't try to get all crazy in the middle of night & jump ship), as he was just a toy & toys don't walk.
Before we can get onto Hazel about anything (not that she ever does anything that would warrant her getting in trouble, mind you), she says, "Hay-thel!!! Don't do that!!!" (that is how she pronounces her name. And I can promise you it is probably the cutest thing ever said. And then she does this sweet little laugh. And then we forget what we were originally getting onto her about. Hay-thel:1, Rents:0 
When being taught a lesson on sharing in church a couple of weeks ago, Hutch's teacher gave them each an object and instructed them to share with someone else. Hutch responded, "Can I just share with myself?"
This same weekend, we were at Backyard Burger in the play area. A young girl, probably around 7 or so, walked in and this other little girl came up to her and said, "Hi! My name is Meredith and I am four!!" The older girl responded, "Hi! There is a girl at my church named Meredith!" About that time, Hazel walked up to the older girl and said, "Hey, church!!! My name is Hay-thel!"
I asked Hutch this morning when he was going to quit growing & he told me that he is not ever going to quit growing. He is going to grow as tall as the sky and bust through the roof. But once that happens, he will quit eating so he does not grow anymore.
Hope y'all laugh ALOT this weekend!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Celebrating The Kelly

We were so excited to learn that our dear friends, Kelly and Brent, decided to tie the knot. We are so pumped to head to Austin in March for the big day! This weekend I was honored to attend Kelly's Bachelorette Party in Dallas. It was so much fun catching up with some 'ole friends and celebrating this fabulous person. Love, love, love!

The party included shopping, a fancy limo/bus thing with the super "Marv Marv" as our driver, lingerie shower, dinner, and some bar-hopping. 

Me & Kelly
Katrina, Leslie (Kelly's Mama), and Amanda.

 Brittney& Katrina
 Ryanne, Desiree, and Sarah

Miss this face! Regan & me

 Whoot, Whoot!

 This girl's got some moves.

Regan, me, Kenna

It was so much fun to spend the weekend with these awesome ladies! Let me apologize if I misspelled some names....sorry! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jeremy flew with the H's to surprise his mom for her bday. She was SHOCKED! Twice, actually. They surprised her on Friday at lunch & then she was surprised again with a party on Sat. night. Can't think of anyone who deserves it more.

Have a lovely rest of the week, people! I'm out. XOXO

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fave Tunes

I have stated before that I am really, really bad at being open to new music. It always seems like such a great idea, but then I get caught in the cycle of putting my ipod on shuffle & listening to the same things over and over again. I do like songs I can sing to, so I tend to be hesitant to try out new stuff. The radio stations in Jackson certainly don't help with this rut I seem to always find myself in- the country stations focus on top 40 country, then there is your typical classic rock station, etc., etc. That being said, I have really tried to find some new music over the past few months. My ipod has been tired of playing the same stuff over and over again. I have tried to get new music ideas from friends/ family & I have made it a habit to listen to music recommended on other people's blogs. That being said, here is what I have been listening to.....


The Lumineers. Oh, how I love, love, love this album. It's so catchy & I am full of regret that I didn't see them play at Hal & Mal's just a few months ago. You may have heard their hit song "Ho Hey", but I included it as it's one of my faves. And, Hutch & Hazel know most of the words- they love this song, too!

The Head and the Heart. They are such fun and the song above "Lost in my Mind" is a great one to sing along to. Hutch, my fellow music critic, is convinced that this is his song because it talks about a brother.

Bon Iver. I try to avoid downloading just one song from an album- I would rather get the whole thing. That being said, I made an exception in this case. The song above, "Holocene" is so pretty. I have listened to some other songs on this album and they are great, too, so I have plans on purchasing the others in the near future.

Alabama Shakes. Ok, so I have had a bit of a hard time getting into this album. They are coming to Jackson for the St. Paddy's Day parade street dance so I wanted to be familiar with their music. Plus, I think they were named Rolling Stone's Best New Artist of the Year? I am not super crazy about the lead's voice, BUT the music is awesome & it's growing on me. So, I included this because I have been listening to it quite a bit lately.

Mumford and Sons, Sigh No More. I have included my most played song off this album, "Awake my Soul." Their new album, Babel, has received great reviews but I just can't seem to get into it. I need to give it a second shot as I just can't see how it would be bad. These guys are so talented & the way they harmonize & the fabulous music makes just makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside.

What are y'all listening to? I am up for suggestions if you have a band that you would recommend!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wrapping Up 2012

Happy New Year, friends!!! Can you believe it's 2013? Let me warn you- this blog contains just about everything but the kitchen sink so settle in & get comfy. Or just quit reading right now. Or read a little and come back later to read a little more. However you want to do it. You've been warned!
How did y'all spend the holidays? We headed to Texas to spend Christmas with Jeremy's fam. It was so much fun & well worth the 1600 miles that we traveled within a span of 6 days. Our first stop was Brownwood. Even though Hutch woke up sometime in the early am on Sunday morning with a fever & then woke up again later that morning with eyes practically swollen shut, he was a happy camper. He's reallllll tough, you see. Just ask him. And then get him to show you his muscles.

We loaded up and headed to Odessa on Sunday....we made it just in time for Alma's annual Christmas party. There were cousins & aunts & uncles & so many other relatives that we had not seen in fo-evah. It was a blast. Here are Sophie & Hazel anxiously waiting to open their gifts. 

Leigh Ann, Lori, and Ann
I think this such a great pic of Lynn, my MIL

Sweet Autumn

All the kids loved the swings. 

I think this was the conversation going during this pic: "Hazel, get down honey. I told you not to crawl up that high." Hazel:"No." Me: "Hazel, sweetie, I mean it. You need to get down so you don't hurt yourself." Hazel:"No. Mine." And so on. I am sure it ended in a classic meltdown. But she sure looks sweet, don't you think? 

Hazel & Uncle Jarrod just talking about things. 


Check out this handsome little fella. His name is Stetson & you have probably seen him on here before. 

Hazel LOVES her Aunt Casey. Can you tell? 
Ann had this dancing elf app on her phone so she took the H's pics & imported it into the app. The kids thought it was AMAZING. 

Hutch loved his new Jake backpack from Monie & Grandpappy
And this little girl was sure stylin' in her new heels. 
This cracks me up. She couldn't walk in them. She just stood there, then took them off, then asked me to put them back on. Then took them off. 
Hutch with the cookies, milk, and "crunchy carrots" for Santa. 
Check out Hazel's new pug! This dog is too funny. 
We headed to Fort Worth Christmas afternoon....good thing we left as early as we did as the roads were so icy. We actually enjoyed our Christmas dinner at the IHOP. I really wanted Chinese food so we could live a little bit of The Christmas Story, but we couldn't find one anywhere. I was a bit concerned about us not being surrounded by family Christmas night, but I can't tell you how much fun we had. The kids were in great moods (I think they were just ready to get out of the car) and it was just so much fun being the 4 of us- the snow everywhere was just an added bonus.
Once we got back to Jackson, we had a couple of days to unpack & then repack to spend the weekend with my family. Carly & her fam came in & Haley was already in town for Christmas. It may seem odd that we spend the night over at my parents when they just live about 20 minutes away, BUT, it's just so much fun with everyone being here, I hate to miss out on anything! And, for the most part, Hutch & Ryder have a great time together. I mean, there are always a few fights & we may have decided to separate them for a few hours b/c they were getting on each other's nerves. But, that's to be expected, right?
Hazel & Gran have the same birthday- Dec. 30th. So, here are the birthday girls on Sunday.

Hazel loved the tri-cycle we got her for her bday. ;) She was tired. And, at this point, obviously not at all interested in this trike. 

Breakfast at my parents is always something to look forward to! Ray & Jackie Boone can whip up some morning goods, that is for sure!

It was pretty chilly all weekend, so Hutch & Hazel were thrilled to get to spend some time outside New Years Eve. 

We had Hazel's bday party on Saturday at Soul Shine Pizza Factory. We went with a Minnie Mouse theme. I just can't believe my baby girl is 2!! 

Can you see her ears? Loved these!

Princess Rivers and Minnie Hazel just catching up. 

I don't know what it is about a small stage that attracts kiddos. Hutch & Hazel LOVE to play on this thing everytime we come here. It's good that we had the party shortly after they opened, as we were quite loud and distracting. 

Vivi & Marc
Jessie & Lia

Julie & Graham

Kennedy was a great helper when it was time to open gifts! It was a good thing, too, b/c Hazel was not very interested. 

Mrs Anne, Vivi, & Carly

Check out this cool bday girl. And, I just noticed Hutch in the background- hilarious!

Jan, Lia, Tim

Sister Pic!

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to help us celebrate! It was so much fun!!!
New Year's Eve we headed to Hal & Mal's to ring in the NY. My brave, brave Mom kept all the kiddos by herself. Wowsers. Thanks a TON, Mom! We had so much fun- we spent most our time in the karaoke room. I have already apologized to Josh Hailey, who was running the booth, as we just love karaoke so much & are so horrible at it. I think I got cut off. As in, I had signed up for probably 6 more songs & he kept saying, "Ok, people! We have slots open! Come sign up!" And, yet, he never called my name. At least we got in Bobby Magee, Britney, and he let us close out the night with Regulators. 

I thought I had uploaded a pic of Jeremy rocking the stage, but it did not post for some reason. AND, you wouldn't believe what I went through to get this post uploaded. Geez. We really should get a new computer asap.
Anyways, if you are still reading, bless your heart :) Happy 2013 to all of you- may your upcoming year be filled with countless blessings! Love y'all!