Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wrapping Up 2012

Happy New Year, friends!!! Can you believe it's 2013? Let me warn you- this blog contains just about everything but the kitchen sink so settle in & get comfy. Or just quit reading right now. Or read a little and come back later to read a little more. However you want to do it. You've been warned!
How did y'all spend the holidays? We headed to Texas to spend Christmas with Jeremy's fam. It was so much fun & well worth the 1600 miles that we traveled within a span of 6 days. Our first stop was Brownwood. Even though Hutch woke up sometime in the early am on Sunday morning with a fever & then woke up again later that morning with eyes practically swollen shut, he was a happy camper. He's reallllll tough, you see. Just ask him. And then get him to show you his muscles.

We loaded up and headed to Odessa on Sunday....we made it just in time for Alma's annual Christmas party. There were cousins & aunts & uncles & so many other relatives that we had not seen in fo-evah. It was a blast. Here are Sophie & Hazel anxiously waiting to open their gifts. 

Leigh Ann, Lori, and Ann
I think this such a great pic of Lynn, my MIL

Sweet Autumn

All the kids loved the swings. 

I think this was the conversation going during this pic: "Hazel, get down honey. I told you not to crawl up that high." Hazel:"No." Me: "Hazel, sweetie, I mean it. You need to get down so you don't hurt yourself." Hazel:"No. Mine." And so on. I am sure it ended in a classic meltdown. But she sure looks sweet, don't you think? 

Hazel & Uncle Jarrod just talking about things. 


Check out this handsome little fella. His name is Stetson & you have probably seen him on here before. 

Hazel LOVES her Aunt Casey. Can you tell? 
Ann had this dancing elf app on her phone so she took the H's pics & imported it into the app. The kids thought it was AMAZING. 

Hutch loved his new Jake backpack from Monie & Grandpappy
And this little girl was sure stylin' in her new heels. 
This cracks me up. She couldn't walk in them. She just stood there, then took them off, then asked me to put them back on. Then took them off. 
Hutch with the cookies, milk, and "crunchy carrots" for Santa. 
Check out Hazel's new pug! This dog is too funny. 
We headed to Fort Worth Christmas afternoon....good thing we left as early as we did as the roads were so icy. We actually enjoyed our Christmas dinner at the IHOP. I really wanted Chinese food so we could live a little bit of The Christmas Story, but we couldn't find one anywhere. I was a bit concerned about us not being surrounded by family Christmas night, but I can't tell you how much fun we had. The kids were in great moods (I think they were just ready to get out of the car) and it was just so much fun being the 4 of us- the snow everywhere was just an added bonus.
Once we got back to Jackson, we had a couple of days to unpack & then repack to spend the weekend with my family. Carly & her fam came in & Haley was already in town for Christmas. It may seem odd that we spend the night over at my parents when they just live about 20 minutes away, BUT, it's just so much fun with everyone being here, I hate to miss out on anything! And, for the most part, Hutch & Ryder have a great time together. I mean, there are always a few fights & we may have decided to separate them for a few hours b/c they were getting on each other's nerves. But, that's to be expected, right?
Hazel & Gran have the same birthday- Dec. 30th. So, here are the birthday girls on Sunday.

Hazel loved the tri-cycle we got her for her bday. ;) She was tired. And, at this point, obviously not at all interested in this trike. 

Breakfast at my parents is always something to look forward to! Ray & Jackie Boone can whip up some morning goods, that is for sure!

It was pretty chilly all weekend, so Hutch & Hazel were thrilled to get to spend some time outside New Years Eve. 

We had Hazel's bday party on Saturday at Soul Shine Pizza Factory. We went with a Minnie Mouse theme. I just can't believe my baby girl is 2!! 

Can you see her ears? Loved these!

Princess Rivers and Minnie Hazel just catching up. 

I don't know what it is about a small stage that attracts kiddos. Hutch & Hazel LOVE to play on this thing everytime we come here. It's good that we had the party shortly after they opened, as we were quite loud and distracting. 

Vivi & Marc
Jessie & Lia

Julie & Graham

Kennedy was a great helper when it was time to open gifts! It was a good thing, too, b/c Hazel was not very interested. 

Mrs Anne, Vivi, & Carly

Check out this cool bday girl. And, I just noticed Hutch in the background- hilarious!

Jan, Lia, Tim

Sister Pic!

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to help us celebrate! It was so much fun!!!
New Year's Eve we headed to Hal & Mal's to ring in the NY. My brave, brave Mom kept all the kiddos by herself. Wowsers. Thanks a TON, Mom! We had so much fun- we spent most our time in the karaoke room. I have already apologized to Josh Hailey, who was running the booth, as we just love karaoke so much & are so horrible at it. I think I got cut off. As in, I had signed up for probably 6 more songs & he kept saying, "Ok, people! We have slots open! Come sign up!" And, yet, he never called my name. At least we got in Bobby Magee, Britney, and he let us close out the night with Regulators. 

I thought I had uploaded a pic of Jeremy rocking the stage, but it did not post for some reason. AND, you wouldn't believe what I went through to get this post uploaded. Geez. We really should get a new computer asap.
Anyways, if you are still reading, bless your heart :) Happy 2013 to all of you- may your upcoming year be filled with countless blessings! Love y'all!


  1. I read the whole blog in one sitting and enjoyed every second! Happy Belated Birthday to Miss Hazel...I cannot believe she's already two! How did that happen?!?!? I am glad to hear y'all had a great Christmas and New Year's Eve night! So much sister fun!!! We actually had Christmas dinner at Furr's this year...we've never eaten anywhere other than with family but now that we are over an hour away from everyone and had already spend so much time on the road driving we decided to stay home. We were suppose to grill some bacon wrapped steaks but it was way too windy (and cold) so Furr's it was. That's funny that you mentioned Chinese food because we scoured the internet for an open Chinese Restaurant and couldn't find any either. I think we might have a new tradition though...Furr's for Christmas dinner with just our little family was pretty awesome! I miss you guys bunches! Give the H's hugs and kisses from Texas! xoxo

    1. Amy, glad you can relate....too funny about Furr's- Jeremy and I actually had our Christmas dinner there the year I was pregnant with Hutch. I think Christmas fell in the middle of the week & we couldn't take off or something. Anyways, we had a blast & the food was probably much better than anything I would have cooked at home :) Hugs & kisses right back to all of you!