Monday, February 25, 2013

My Take on the Academy's

I actually sat through an entire award show! Yay, me (and Jeremy)! Ok, well, maybe sitting through the entire show is a bit of an overstatement. Maybe I should instead say, "Yay! I stayed up until 10:00 watching the Oscar's!" That is a good enough accomplishment me for me. So, since I didn't make it until the end stayed up until 10:00, I did not witness poor Jennifer Lawrence's fall. Bless her heart. I saw a clip where she was asked what went through her head when she fell. She responded, "A very bad word." I can imagine. We celebrated the Academy's with pizza & Abita Strawberry (heck yeah, it's back! Whoot, Whoot!). Anyways, here is what I am left with after watching the Academy's.
1. Kristen Stewart is one hot mess. Geez, girl, get it together.
2. I wish we were friends with the Afflecks. Like, "Hey, y'all, come on over this weekend for a bbq" kinda friends. Then, I could have said, "Hey, Jenn, not too crazy about that purple dress you've picked out for the Oscars. It's all bunched up in the back and looks weird. You're welcome, now let's swap recipes."
3. Next year, I am going to see more nominated movies. I loved Argo, walked out of Les Mis, and attempted to see Beasts of the Southern Wild but had technical probs. So, you can see I was a real expert on the subject matter at hand last night. For what it's worth, I did love Argo.
4. We laughed really hard at Seth Macfarlane. Hilarious. Props, Seth.
5. Loved the dress: Halle Berry, Jennifer Anniston, Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman
6. Not my fave: Brandi Glanville (looked like her dress  just slid right down in the front- anyone wish that someone would have just yanked it up?), Anne Hathaway, Melissa McCarthy.
7. I adore that Anne Hathaway's hair. Love, love, love. I'd cut all mine off, if I could make it work. I can't. I have pictures to prove it.
8. Anyone else find Catherine Zeta Jones' Chicago number extremely awkward? Like, hard-to-watch awkward?
9. Kristen Chenoweth= Most Annoying Voice EVA. And, she kept calling everyone, "Honey" or "Baby" or "Sugar" during her interviews. Drove me nuts.
10. The part in the beginning where the camera zoomed in on Jack Nicholson (Seth M was talking), and he had this super crazy expression on his face? Priceless, we were in tears!
11. That Adele is one talented woman.
12. Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy- I am still confused.
13. Definitely going to see Silver Lining this weekend if it's still out. Overall, I enjoyed the show. Hazel found it super relaxing to snooze to, so much that she was snoring on one side of me, while Jeremy, on the other side, was contemplating if I was having wheezing problems (hence the snoring from said little girl.)
Let me know what you took away from the Academy's. :) Love!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

a Parade, a Rodeo, and a Party

Happy Weekend! This was a long week- I am glad it's Saturday. What have y'all been up to? The heading sums up some of the fun things we have done in the past week.

My Mom, and I took Hutch to the rodeo Monday night. He loved the bucking broncos & the Rodeo Clown. I was so excited about him hearing Kip Moore's "Somethin' About a Truck", and of course, it was the very last song he played. It was all we could do to keep him awake. He was so excited when he played it, but as soon as it was over, he said, "Can we go home now?" Being out past 9:00 is hard on a 3 year old. He really wanted to see the bulls, but I thought it was best we get that little cowboy to bed. Maybe next year. 


Last night, we attended Mason's birthday party at Pump it Up. They had an absolute blast. Hazel was all over the place. There may have been one incident where she managed to flip coming down a slide & her head seemed to twist abnormally as a result....I may have panicked and gracefully raced half way up the slide in record time to frantically see if she was ok. She was fine. I thought there may be some serious damage, but she excitedly said (after I dried her tears) that she wanted to go again.

As you can see, this was not taken at Pump it Up. It wouldn't be a typical post, if my pics were in any sort of order. :) This was last Saturday at the rodeo parade. We were so excited that Rivers, Brandi, and PJ came to join us. Hazel and Rivers were just catching up things. 

 This is Hutch's best friend, Miles. We hear about Miles ALL THE TIME. And, we hear it's the same w/ Hutch at Miles' house. We found last night that Miles even knows how to write Hutch's name.

Hutch, Mason, Mason's brother, and Miles. Apparently, The Avengers are all the rage with 3-4 year olds. Hutch picked out the mask that Mason is wearing & he loved it. Hutch said, "See, Mama??! I told you he would LOVE it!!!" It was pretty funny because I overheard Hutch tell Mason, "I am so glad you like my present! Happy Valentine's Day, Mason!" 

Meanwhile, back at the parade....we have some serious thinkers here. If I could guess what was going thru these little ladies' heads it would be this: "Why are there so many cars. Where are the horses. Why can't we eat all this candy that they keep throwing at us. Since they won't let us eat the candy, why can't we eat the paper." Something like that. 

There's our little cowboy. 

Check out this pretty pony.

All smiles!!!

How was y'all's VDay? We had a little family date at Fernando' was a lot of fun. We tried to think of somewhere that most people would not go to on Valentine's. A couple of other hot topics this weekend: Carly is in town (YAY!) and Hazel is in the process of being potty trained (YAY!) She just started this week at school and she is doing super. As in, maybe 1 accident a day. Maybe. Sometimes she's 100%. It's amazing, really, and I am not quite sure how they are doing it, as we don't seem to have the same luck here. 

Hope y'all have a lovely weekend, friends! XOXO

Sunday, February 3, 2013

64 and Sunny

That's what the temps were here yesterday. And it was AWESOME!!! This has been our first weekend in quite a while where we literally had zero plans. Well, except for a couple of bday parties around town, but other than that- nada. Jeremy is back at the books studying for his CPA so the kiddos and I just spent some time in our backyard yesterday. We even had a picnic on our back porch. I love taking pics of them outside- just the candid-ness of it makes me happy. And I love to play with the editing features on picasa. If you are on the FB, you have probably already seen these. And I usually don't post the same things on my page & blog. But I just had to dedicate a post to these little snapshots. Because I think my heart literally melted when looking through them. 
I have been trying to get a new pic to update my blog heading for the past few weeks. I have been torn, though, because I think my most recent one has been my favorite of all time. But, the little H's are just a-growin' constantly. And I have to make sure y'all are up to speed. :) 

 Hutch wears his cowboy hat at all times. I am so excited b/c my Mom & I are taking him to see Kip Moore at the rodeo in a couple of weeks. Who's that, you say? He sings that "Somethin' about a truck" song & it's one of Hutch's favorites. He knows every word. Jeremy asked if I really wanted that to be his first concert. My response was obviously, "No way!!!" however, we decided that it was unlikely Hutch would be attending any Black Crows, Ryan Adams, Drive by Truckers, etc., concert anytime soon. AND the fact that when I told Hutch about our plans, he said, "WHAT??? THAT'S MY FAVORITE SONG!!!!" confirmed that we had made the right decision. Seriously? Bulls, cowboys, and some "country" music? He will be in little Hutch-heaven.

Wow, not sure how this ended up here, as it was taken last weekend in Utica, but it's a cute one of the kiddos. 

 Hazel brought her colors out to just relax while Hutch & I kicked the soccer ball around. Not sure where this sudden interest in soccer has come from. Sure wish he would have developed this desire a few months ago. It's funny b/c wherever Hazel goes, she brings things. Lots of them. For example, yesterday, she was toting around colors, paper, Dora, Boots, kitty-cat, and Barbie. SO, you can't just run outside and then back in. Everything must go. 

 It's no secret that I love anything in sepia.

 This was runner up for the blog heading. These 2 love each other tons- despite all the fighting and crying, etc. I took several of these yesterday and it just makes me all warm and fuzzy seeing how, in just about all of them, Hazel is just staring at Hutch with the biggest grin on her face. Nothing but love.


The only other super exciting we had happen yesterday was Hazel came into the kitchen with what looked like a vitamin in her hand. She held it out, before placing in her mouth, and said "Vitamin!!" Well, it looked like a vitamin, so I didn't think anything of it- just thought Jeremy had given it to her. Last night, she came back into the kitchen when Jeremy & I both were there, and said the same thing. Come to find out, she had discovered Jeremy's stash of Halls cough drops & apparently, she loves them, as she was on (at least) her 2nd one of the day. Parents of the Year. :) 

Superbowl plans anyone? We're just heading over to watch it with my Dad. As usual, I'm just in it for the food & commercials. Here's to hoping your favorite team wins. Have a wonderful week, friends, and thanks a ton for reading. Love!