Saturday, February 16, 2013

a Parade, a Rodeo, and a Party

Happy Weekend! This was a long week- I am glad it's Saturday. What have y'all been up to? The heading sums up some of the fun things we have done in the past week.

My Mom, and I took Hutch to the rodeo Monday night. He loved the bucking broncos & the Rodeo Clown. I was so excited about him hearing Kip Moore's "Somethin' About a Truck", and of course, it was the very last song he played. It was all we could do to keep him awake. He was so excited when he played it, but as soon as it was over, he said, "Can we go home now?" Being out past 9:00 is hard on a 3 year old. He really wanted to see the bulls, but I thought it was best we get that little cowboy to bed. Maybe next year. 


Last night, we attended Mason's birthday party at Pump it Up. They had an absolute blast. Hazel was all over the place. There may have been one incident where she managed to flip coming down a slide & her head seemed to twist abnormally as a result....I may have panicked and gracefully raced half way up the slide in record time to frantically see if she was ok. She was fine. I thought there may be some serious damage, but she excitedly said (after I dried her tears) that she wanted to go again.

As you can see, this was not taken at Pump it Up. It wouldn't be a typical post, if my pics were in any sort of order. :) This was last Saturday at the rodeo parade. We were so excited that Rivers, Brandi, and PJ came to join us. Hazel and Rivers were just catching up things. 

 This is Hutch's best friend, Miles. We hear about Miles ALL THE TIME. And, we hear it's the same w/ Hutch at Miles' house. We found last night that Miles even knows how to write Hutch's name.

Hutch, Mason, Mason's brother, and Miles. Apparently, The Avengers are all the rage with 3-4 year olds. Hutch picked out the mask that Mason is wearing & he loved it. Hutch said, "See, Mama??! I told you he would LOVE it!!!" It was pretty funny because I overheard Hutch tell Mason, "I am so glad you like my present! Happy Valentine's Day, Mason!" 

Meanwhile, back at the parade....we have some serious thinkers here. If I could guess what was going thru these little ladies' heads it would be this: "Why are there so many cars. Where are the horses. Why can't we eat all this candy that they keep throwing at us. Since they won't let us eat the candy, why can't we eat the paper." Something like that. 

There's our little cowboy. 

Check out this pretty pony.

All smiles!!!

How was y'all's VDay? We had a little family date at Fernando' was a lot of fun. We tried to think of somewhere that most people would not go to on Valentine's. A couple of other hot topics this weekend: Carly is in town (YAY!) and Hazel is in the process of being potty trained (YAY!) She just started this week at school and she is doing super. As in, maybe 1 accident a day. Maybe. Sometimes she's 100%. It's amazing, really, and I am not quite sure how they are doing it, as we don't seem to have the same luck here. 

Hope y'all have a lovely weekend, friends! XOXO

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