Monday, February 25, 2013

My Take on the Academy's

I actually sat through an entire award show! Yay, me (and Jeremy)! Ok, well, maybe sitting through the entire show is a bit of an overstatement. Maybe I should instead say, "Yay! I stayed up until 10:00 watching the Oscar's!" That is a good enough accomplishment me for me. So, since I didn't make it until the end stayed up until 10:00, I did not witness poor Jennifer Lawrence's fall. Bless her heart. I saw a clip where she was asked what went through her head when she fell. She responded, "A very bad word." I can imagine. We celebrated the Academy's with pizza & Abita Strawberry (heck yeah, it's back! Whoot, Whoot!). Anyways, here is what I am left with after watching the Academy's.
1. Kristen Stewart is one hot mess. Geez, girl, get it together.
2. I wish we were friends with the Afflecks. Like, "Hey, y'all, come on over this weekend for a bbq" kinda friends. Then, I could have said, "Hey, Jenn, not too crazy about that purple dress you've picked out for the Oscars. It's all bunched up in the back and looks weird. You're welcome, now let's swap recipes."
3. Next year, I am going to see more nominated movies. I loved Argo, walked out of Les Mis, and attempted to see Beasts of the Southern Wild but had technical probs. So, you can see I was a real expert on the subject matter at hand last night. For what it's worth, I did love Argo.
4. We laughed really hard at Seth Macfarlane. Hilarious. Props, Seth.
5. Loved the dress: Halle Berry, Jennifer Anniston, Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman
6. Not my fave: Brandi Glanville (looked like her dress  just slid right down in the front- anyone wish that someone would have just yanked it up?), Anne Hathaway, Melissa McCarthy.
7. I adore that Anne Hathaway's hair. Love, love, love. I'd cut all mine off, if I could make it work. I can't. I have pictures to prove it.
8. Anyone else find Catherine Zeta Jones' Chicago number extremely awkward? Like, hard-to-watch awkward?
9. Kristen Chenoweth= Most Annoying Voice EVA. And, she kept calling everyone, "Honey" or "Baby" or "Sugar" during her interviews. Drove me nuts.
10. The part in the beginning where the camera zoomed in on Jack Nicholson (Seth M was talking), and he had this super crazy expression on his face? Priceless, we were in tears!
11. That Adele is one talented woman.
12. Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy- I am still confused.
13. Definitely going to see Silver Lining this weekend if it's still out. Overall, I enjoyed the show. Hazel found it super relaxing to snooze to, so much that she was snoring on one side of me, while Jeremy, on the other side, was contemplating if I was having wheezing problems (hence the snoring from said little girl.)
Let me know what you took away from the Academy's. :) Love!

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