Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Oyster Open....and a few other things

The Oyster Open is an annual golf tournament that Hal White created many years ago. This tournament was established to create a scholarship fund to award a deserving individual to pursue a culinary degree while working up at the restaurant.  This tournament and it's purpose was very near & dear to Hal White's heart. While my Dad has played every year but one, I had never been a part of it. This year, I was so excited to be able to help in any way that I could. I know that Hal's absence was sincerely felt by everyone there, but his spirit certainly lives on through the stories, laughter and memories.

Brandi, Malcolm and my Mom at the sign in table

 Bernard and Tom taking a break and cooling off

We love us some Anne Friday!

Relaxing before the game begins!
This year's hat
Bernard hard at work shucking oysters
Theresa & Rivers coloring some fairies
Brad & my Dad- Brad and Teresa (AKA Team Madras)  actually won 3rd place! 
Always handy to have bartenders around...

The rules are- there are no rules!

On another note, Hutch is now in a booster seat! He LOVES it- I would assume he would as it looks much more comfortable than the car seat he was in previously. He was so excited for this change, and it was certainly  bittersweet as it was just another reminder of how quickly he is growing. Also, did you notice my new ride? The 'ole Saturn was having some probs, so we got them fixed, and sold her the  next weekend. We got a "new to me" Tahoe & I kinda love it. As in, I had no idea how comfortable an SUV could be. Can't wait to take her on a roadtrip!

I can't close this post without saying our hearts are broken over the damage and aftermath of the tornado that struck Moore, OK. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected. God bless teachers, first responders, volunteers, and the kindness of all those who left their remaining shambles of a home to help search for people in need of help. I am always amazed at the outpouring of love during the toughest of times.

Happy Friday Eve, people!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Mom's in My Life

 Happy Mother's Day not only to my Mom but to all the Mom's out there! What a blessing and a labor of love motherhood is- hope you enjoy your day & here's a peek at all the mom's who mean so much to me...

My Mama. I love her dearly & thank God daily for providing me with such a big-hearted, sweet as sugar, funny, down-to-earth, full-of-understanding, loves-to-have-fun, big-helper, completely-selfless Mama. And because she is my Mom, she gets 2 pictures. :) As I have grown older, I have realized that the kind of relationship I have with my Mom is not necessarily the norm. God bless her for all she put up with when I went thru some of the phases I did in my teenage years. If I can be half as a good of Mom as my Mom has been for me, I will consider my job well done.

When I think of spending the weekend over at Gran & Pop's, I think of TGIF, hot dogs and burgers, and coffee sweetened by sugar and lots of milk. I think of endless games of  "I Spy" and rolling the tire. And 8 tracks. Gran had some sweet 8 tracks. So glad my kiddos are able to spend time with her now. She and Hazel even share the same birthday. 

Mee Maw, my Mama's Mama. I can't tell you how much of my childhood was spent in Utica with my grandparents. ALOT. I think of sunsets, cotton farms, waffles, Bingo, slide shows of old pictures, vintage Barbies, high heels and fancy jewelry, pigs in the blanket, homemade cheese biscuits, frozen cokes, hamburgers, slides covered in baby powder, honeysuckle, zooming down the hill on the scooter, $5.00 to spend at the dollar store, sweet songs to rock me to sleep, tire swings, Cheetos by the community pool, peeled apples, endless patience...The H's find Utica just as special as I do and it makes my heart happy seeing them spend time with their Mee Maw (and Paw Paw)!!

 Lynn, my M-I-L...I am sure I have documented before how much I lucked out with my in laws. When I think of Lynn, aka "Monie", I think of bobby pins, kleenex, hand sanitizer, little snacks, movies, complete selflessness, and one of the biggest hearts I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Lynn would give away her last penny to help a stranger in need.

Nanny Alma...this is Lynn's Mama. And, when I think of Nanny Alma, I think of a little lady with alot of spunk. She is smart, witty, fashionable and adores her family. 

Nanny Pat...this is Jeremy's Dad's Mom. Nanny Pat makes me think of fishing poles, homemade cobbler, music, quirky-ness, country-strong, feeding the masses while never breaking a sweat, Fox News, resourcefulness. Time at Nanny Pat's is always guaranteed to be full of good food, relaxation, and fun conversation.

Last, and certainly not least, I have to thank my 2 little ones for giving me the privledge of being a Mom myself. They make me laugh so hard I cry and my heart melt more than I ever thought possible. You are my heart, Hutch and Hazel.

 Hope all of you have the Mother's Day you deserve- I am celebrating mine with a pedicure and about 2 hours of me-time. Then, capping it off with some time with my own Mama. 

Happy Mother's Day!!!