Saturday, June 22, 2013

Silly Faces

I realized today that I can successfully get the H's to look at the camera when we go for the "silly face" theme. I think the title about sums up the entire post- hope your weekend is filled with laughter, too!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

In Honor of Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there!!! What a blessing you are.
To my Dad:
Thank you for making me laugh. All. The. Time. Your jokes never get old to me- even when others don't think they are funny. The "complimentary nuts" joke will always make me laugh until I cry. Thank you for continuing to jokingly run in to walls just to amuse me. I know that Mom does not think it's funny at all. Thank you for believing in me always, even when I made decisions that caused extreme need for concern. I know that time I said I would jump off the roof if all my friends did it too probably frustrated you beyond belief. I am past that now. I can assure you if all my buddies jumped off the roof, my feet would remain firmly planted. Thank you for trying to teach me to play golf. I am sorry that didn't quite work out the way you envisioned but bless your heart for trying. Those poprocks that melted all over your belongings in the golf cart that time were certainly worth the memories and pictures. I love you & look up to you more than you will ever know.
To my Husband:
Wow, we've come a long, long way since that night we happened to meet at Little Woodrow's. We have grown up (a little bit) and I thank God every single day for bringing you into my life. I couldn't do this without you. Thank you for taking Hutch fishing. Thank you for buying & setting up his worm farm. Thank you for falling asleep with your baby girl on your chest and taking the time to play with her. Thank you for being the apple of their eyes. They look up to you & admire you SO much. Hutch thinks you can kick a ball higher than ANYONE and that you can most certainly do ANYTHING.
I asked Hutch & Hazel what they loved about you & this is what they said:
He is my Best-Texas-Buddy (Hutch)
He is my Best-Texas-Buddy (Hazel)
We go fishing & we play games sometimes (Hutch)
He says I'm his girl (Hazel)
We say funny jokes all the time (Hutch)
He's my favorite (Hazel- I knew it.:))
That's about all I can get out of them while cartoons are going.
Happy Father's Day also my Paw Paw- you will always hold a very special place in my heart.
Happy Father's Day to my Father-in-Law...can't wait for y'all to build your house & btw, Hutch mentioned that when we go to outerspace on his rocket ship, he wants you to take care of his worm farm. Hopefully, we won't be gone long, but in the event that we are- I hear they are pretty low maintenance. Those worms are pretty close to his heart so the fact that he entrusts them to you speaks volumes.:)
I hope all of you have a wonderful day today celebrating the Dads in your life. I also just want to state that I am certainly thinking of those who have lost their Dads this year. My heart hurts for you & you are in my prayers. May you be surrounded by those who love you today & always.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Memorial Weekend

Better late than never??? 

Memorial Day Weekend was an absolute ball. We were so blessed to spend the weekend surrounded by friends and family.

Get ready for some pool pics! It's summertime, y'all. And it's hot. I mean, hot-as-blazes.

You're not going to believe this, but Hazel did not get her toes professionally done. Really. Here is a prime example of why I don't paint my own toes. Hazel didn't care, though. She loves her pretty little mispainted toes. And painting her toes on Friday evenings has now become our weekly ritual.
 We discovered Vivi's new favorite band, The Black Keys. You should have seen this little girl rockin' it out. Hazel had to join her, as she loves to bust out some moves.
 Note: That is not Hazel's Modelo.
 Nothing like pecan twirls on the patio!
 The Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, my parents hosted The Inaugural Hal White Memorial Croquet Tourney. Hal was definitely thought of throughout this day, as always, and while the annual croquet tourney was certainly not the same as it has been in years' past, we had a great time.

 That Jefferson is one risky dude.
 To quote Carly: "Croquet is the most boring game I have ever played. Will you please take my spot?"

 It's a little known fact that Hazel loves cupcakes. And she thought Zita's were delish, if you can't tell!
 Group pic!

 Sister Pic with our new sister, Erin
 Derek was the 2013 Champion- here is he with Kelly and Ann.
 I told you to prepare yourself for pool pics. But I didn't tell you to prepare yourself for cuteness-overload, did I???

 Hazel Sandwich

Happy Summer, Y'all!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

They Think We're Just Fishin'

We spent some time out at The Point on Sunday, and as the H's were running around, eating snacks, kissing "minners" before setting them free (or to their sudden death if they happened to find their destiny in Hazel's hands), getting tied up in fishing wire, laughing, playing, picking up sticks, I started thinking about all of the good times we have had at this very spot. This was one of the gems Jeremy discovered when he picked out our rental house & we have been so fortunate to create so many memories here. We can walk there, take a wagon ride, or just drive if we are feeling lazy. I could have spent all day there on Sunday. I decided to dig up some old pictures from the past 2 years at The Point. I am continuously reminded of how quickly Hutch & Hazel are growing up and it is certainly bittersweet. 

This was right after we moved back to MS- Hazel was only about 4 months old & was red headed and blue-eyed at the time.

 Hutch was a brand new 2 year old & had just been introduced to fishing with his Daddy.

 One year later, Hazel was blonde and could do more than just roll around on a blanket and watch her brother eat cookies!

 I think this was the year that the fascination with the "minners" began. At the time, Hazel just liked to watch what her older brother was doing.
 I think he was quite proud of himself.


Hutch is starting to get the hang of it. He loves to reel the line in, but I think his favorite part is still playing with the bait.

 Hazel held onto this little fishy a little bit too long, so he is no longer with us. She usually carries them around for a while, then if they are lucky enough to have a quick trip in the palm of her hand, they better hope her toss is on mark because there is a good chance they will not make it in the water. I am usually scurrying around trying to save the little guys after they "throw them in". I chase after both of the H's, scooping up little minnows off the rocks and throwing them into the water. It's a race against time, I tell you.

 Hutch had just thrown the biggest-stick-evah into the rez.
 Back in the bucket.

I love the reservoir. I mean, love it. I told my Mom the other day when discussing where we will end up buying a house, "I just don't think I will ever get Jeremy out of Rankin County." Those are 13 words I never thought would come out of my mouth. But, I just can't help it- being so close to the water. Watching the boaters, kayakers, scuba-divers (yes, we saw one this weekend). It's so much fun. I can't wait to make more memories at The Point!