Monday, June 10, 2013

Memorial Weekend

Better late than never??? 

Memorial Day Weekend was an absolute ball. We were so blessed to spend the weekend surrounded by friends and family.

Get ready for some pool pics! It's summertime, y'all. And it's hot. I mean, hot-as-blazes.

You're not going to believe this, but Hazel did not get her toes professionally done. Really. Here is a prime example of why I don't paint my own toes. Hazel didn't care, though. She loves her pretty little mispainted toes. And painting her toes on Friday evenings has now become our weekly ritual.
 We discovered Vivi's new favorite band, The Black Keys. You should have seen this little girl rockin' it out. Hazel had to join her, as she loves to bust out some moves.
 Note: That is not Hazel's Modelo.
 Nothing like pecan twirls on the patio!
 The Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, my parents hosted The Inaugural Hal White Memorial Croquet Tourney. Hal was definitely thought of throughout this day, as always, and while the annual croquet tourney was certainly not the same as it has been in years' past, we had a great time.

 That Jefferson is one risky dude.
 To quote Carly: "Croquet is the most boring game I have ever played. Will you please take my spot?"

 It's a little known fact that Hazel loves cupcakes. And she thought Zita's were delish, if you can't tell!
 Group pic!

 Sister Pic with our new sister, Erin
 Derek was the 2013 Champion- here is he with Kelly and Ann.
 I told you to prepare yourself for pool pics. But I didn't tell you to prepare yourself for cuteness-overload, did I???

 Hazel Sandwich

Happy Summer, Y'all!

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