Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beach Trip!

I think the beach is a little slice of heaven.  We headed to Orange Beach for a few days with Carly, Marc, Ryder, and Vivi- it was so much fun. Let me just say, gone are the days of lounging pool/ beachside with a good trashy novel and a cold beer. That's ok, though, I will take watching my kiddos playing in that gulf sand any day. While I couldn't take that white sand or gorgeous view or lazy days with me, I could take the special memories that we made. And the photos. Y'all know there were tons of photos. To sum up our trip, there were:

smiling faces, sticky fingers, tears of exhaustion, flips in the pool, a splash pad, sand castles, crabbin' trips, dinosaur bones (what??? Just ask Hutch, he'll tell ya), time outs, burgers, cold beers (we still managed to fit a few of those in), a freak out in the Mobile tunnel (ahem, Hazel, bless her little heart), good fried seafood, deck-dancin' that made table-waitin' worthwhile, cheap souvenirs that made little people grin from ear to ear, fajitas, homemade breakfasts (Ray Boone style), sunburns, naps, late nights, early mornings, a constant rotation of saltwater and chlorine in eyes, balcony time, bingo at the FloraBama, thunderstorms, numerous grocery store trips, frozen beverages, swim-trunks that were a bit too big, afternoon snoozes, kayak rentals, fishing, water-side snacks, people watching (oh my gosh, is this not the absolute best at the beach?), minimal showers, chocolatey faces, toy stealin', elevator rides, sea-shell searches, and countless giggles. 

There is nothing like a vacay with your cousins.

 Ok, I fully realize that Hazel will hate me for this picture one day. And, for her sake, I almost didn't post it. But, OH MY GOSH, I have never laughed so hard. And, I thought y'all would think it's pretty funny, too. That girl was ROCKIN' those goggles & finger up her nose, don't you think? I couldn't resist. I am sorry. Hehe. 

 Mom, please see our attempts at your request for an all-grandkid-inclusive pic below. There are a few more not posted that actually turned out a bit better. But, I thought these were the most entertaining. Ahhhh, the family photo. With all kids. What fun.

This was our view- super nice.  I could get used to waking up to this every day. Maybe when we win the lottery or hit it big when I discover one of my hidden talents that I am completely convinced will make us millions, we will summer in the Gulf. Y'all can come visit.

Oh! And, I can't forget (blog fail) to wish my better half, Jeremy, a belated Happy Birthday! With everything going on last week, I neglected to post something (tsk, tsk), but do know that we celebrated by driving 5 hours & stopping only once, eating leftover cake from his office-birthday-lunch, and chowing down on some fresh gulf seafood. It. Was. Awesome. I love you, Jeremy!!!!

So thankful for this trip- looking forward to next year!

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