Tuesday, July 9, 2013

TBall 2013

Well, we just wrapped up another season of t-ball. I would love to report that Hutch was 100% focused, the star player, caught lots of balls, hit some home runs...BUT, that just wouldn't be the truth. And, quite honestly, if that were the case, the past couple of months would probably not have been as much fun. While he did seem a bit more focused this year than last, let's just face it. I think he was there for the snacks. And, the uniform- he loved putting that uniform on & sporting his baseball cap. There were still alot of moments where the game was paused so all the little players could watch the airplanes overhead (happens quite a bit when your field is right by the airport), moments where we had to pry them off the fence in the dugout because it was their turn to bat (they were like little monkeys hanging from that fence), and a few meltdowns because of mud on shoes. But, other than that, they were pretty focused! :) Hutch loved his trophy- he told his coach, "Thank you SO much, Coach Tosha. I am going to go home and get you a flower in my backyard and you can come to my house ANYTIME.YOU.WANT. to play with my toys." Awe.
Just so happened that Ryder & Vivi were in town for one Hutch's last games. On this particular game day, no one really showed up, so Hazel & Ryder got to play! This actually worked out really well because Ryder was convinced he was going to play the whole way there. Saved his Mama a tough conversation when they arrived.

Oh,yay-uh. Watch out Omaha, this fella may be knockin' on your door in a few years.

Ryder is a natural.
Hazel was all smiles despite the bugs and dirt.

I adore this picture because of Vivi's expression compared to Hazel's. Oh, Vivi, that Hazel is going to teach you a thing or two. Or maybe it's the other way around. I can just picture Vivi saying, "Get your hand off my hair. Right. Now."
Someone made it to 3rd!
Funny conversation on the first day of T-Ball: Hutch goes up to the coach's son, Chris, and says, "Hi, my name is Hutch and I am 4 years old. Will you be my best friend?" Chris:" My name is Chris. I am your best friend."
Sweet. If everything in life were that simple.

Silly Faces Pic.
The team & coaches
There's no time like snack time. Ryder agrees.
Heart melting.
Ok, moving on to the 4th. Did y'all have a good one? We had so much fun just kickin' it at my parents. Hutch really got into the fireworks this year. It was an added bonus that Haley was here to help us celebrate. The last time she was in the U S of A was here. This was when she was living in the ATX with us. Hutch, dude, quit growing already.

As did Hazel...
Come to find out, this chair wasn't the only thing shared by these 2 on the 4th- Hazel happily passed along strep throat to her sweet little cousin, Lia 
For the record, we did not realize she had strep at the time.
Once we realized this, she was quarantined in our house until we were all climbing the walls.
She is much better now. However, if you ask her, she is most likely to still tell you, "I gott-a fee-vah"
Bless her sweet little heart.
Love to you all & as always, thanks for reading!

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