Friday, August 23, 2013

The Week-end Highlights

Happy Friday, my friends! Hope your week has been a good one. Here are the highlights from mine:
  • We are going to see the Black Crowes (yay) and in honor of this, here is my favorite Black Crowes song. I am a bit concerned that Thalia Mara may not be down them setting incense sticks in front oscillating fans for the band, but I guess I will let them work out those details. I do hope they play more songs I know than they did when we heard them at The Backyard.
  • I was quite relieved to discover that there is actually no warrant out for my arrest when I received a jury duty summons for last week (note: I didn't actually think I had a warrant, but I had never received a summons, so I have been a bit concerned). Not only did I get a summons, I was selected to be part of a jury. That part was pretty awful, actually. I won't go into details about the hearing, but it was a really sad situation. I am glad that it is over & hope it is a long time before I receive another invitation to appear in court on a certain date.
  • Hazel has officially become a southerner. She is now able to turn every one-syllable word into multiple syllables. For example, I overheard her tell Hutch the other night, "Don't tell me thaaaa-yet (that)." Or, "Hay-elp!!!!" Or, "Ya-aaa'll!!"
  • I have hit the fiction jackpot lately- just finished another phenomenal book called These is My Words by Nancy Turner. It was such a great book- follows the story of a young woman and her family as they travel to the unknown Arizona frontier in the late 1800s. And, it's based on the writer's accounts from her great-grandmother. AND, I just discovered it has TWO sequels!!! I have chill bumps I am so excited!! This is not a book I would typically pick out, but I am so glad I did. It was another long one, but it was a quick read- highly recommend!
  • Moroccan Oil= fail. That is all.
  • This past weekend, Jeremy & I watched DJango Unchained. I was pretty impressed & surprised with the comical parts of the script, but overall, I thought it was a bit gory & couldn't really handle all the violence. Jeremy fell asleep during it, so I had to keep turning it down everytime they would start shooting, which ended up being more frequent as the movie went on. Then, I would miss what they were saying. You should have seen me working that remote. I also thought that there were more than a few disturbing scenes in that movie- even more disturbing to think that alot of what was filmed actually occured in the past.
  • Have y'all read this article about negligent parenting on I thought it was brilliant. 
  • Hutch has been attacked by mosquitoes within the past 48 hours. As in, his back is covered. There aren't enough bandaids in my house to cover up his little injuries. When I catch that mosquito, it's gonna be ugly. Reason #454 I am ready for cooler weather.
  • Hazel is getting her first hair cut tomorrow. While that is probably not a highlight when looking back over the past week, considering it hasn't actually happened yet, I just wanted to let y'all know. Pictures to come.
Have a lovely weekend!

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