Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Honor of 9/11

I know everyone remembers where they were that awful morning. I was actually sleeping and was woken up by a phone call where the person at the other end immediately started telling me what had happened. I remember, still half asleep, being so confused. Even after turning on the news, I couldn't grasp what had happened. I had class that morning and it just so happened that my Professor was Muslim. She didn't teach that morning, as it was advised by the University that take a little time off because of the intensity of the situation. Looking back, I remember that I felt so bad for her. I remember writing her a note a week or so later just to let her know how much I appreciated her and enjoyed her class. And I apologized if she had received any type of criticism or been the recipient of any unwelcome comments due to her background. 

My roommates and I, along with the majority of the country, were glued to the TV for days. Over the years, Jeremy and I still get sucked in (I know we are not alone here) and it's hard to turn off any type of documentary with 9/11 as its subject. 

Today, 12 years later, I still remember. I still remember watching with horror. I still remember the nightmare-ish feel of that day and weeks to come. I still remember the sense of loss. But what I remember, more than anything, was the love and the generosity and the hope and the sense of community that immediately followed. That was one thing those terrorists could not take away.

May we never forget!

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  1. This was written so beautifully! Thanks Lindsey! I remember I was still so young, barely 20 yrs old. I had never been to NYC nor did I even know what the Twin Towers were, honestly. Talk about confused! 12 years later, I realized on Wed. that it is all still so very overwhelming for me. I think I cried over half the day on Wed. listening to songs and tributes. On a positive note, Wed. marked the 5 year anniversary of us finding out we were expecting our girls (well back then we thought it was just one, anyway!). Bitter sweet to say the least! Love you girl and miss you all so much!!!