Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jeremy's CPA- Passing Surprise Party

Hey, y'all, did ya hear? Did you hear that my super smart husband has passed his last CPA test? Whoot, Whoot!!! I am so, so, so proud of him. Let it be documented that this man is some kinda disciplined. When I was thinking about  preparing for my PHR, I contemplated studying alot. You wouldn't imagine the guilt I felt while I was watching TV, reading non-PHR books, just hanging out, etc. Jeremy was all business with this test. He turned down movies, hanging out with friends, the concept of going to bed at a decent time, sleeping in on Saturday mornings, etc., etc. It was some kinda impressive. He would probably not advertise this, but he passed 3 tests within ONE testing window. There were times he thought he may not be able to do it. But, persistence, dedication, and LOTS of prayers certainly paid off. 

We found out last Wednesday (at 4:00 AM, mind you- we celebrated with lots of coffee), so I wanted to throw something together to help him celebrate this huge accomplishment. So, with the help of my awesome Mom, I planned a surprise gathering for him at Hal & Mal's.  Here are some pics that we took (thank you, Laura, for being an awesome photog!)

Does he look happy or what?

Just disregard the twirly thing hanging in front of my Dad's face. 

Hazel-bits is super proud of her Daddy. 

As is the Hutch-man.

Group pic!

The balloons were a hit with the littles. If I had a dollar for every time I said, "HUTCH! HAZEL! THE BALLOONS DO NOT LEAVE THIS OYSTER BAR!!!" I am sure the H & M's staff were beyond excited about this addition to our soiree. 

Aunt Jan!

There is a small chance that Jefferson looks a bit down because he wanted to share his chicken with Hutch, but Hutch only stopped by to steal the cherries off his plate. Rude. 

Nobody rocks a Baby Bjorn like Bryan Keller. Nobody. 

The free-music-Friday's at H & M's was just an added bonus. Here is Hutch breaking it down. 

Love. This. 

One of the highlights of my night was when Jefferson & Hazel were dancing together and a lady at the bar yelled, "DON'T DO IT! SHE'LL ONLY BREAK YOUR HEART!!!" Not that sweet Hazel. 

The fellas

The fellas plus a couple extra fellas and me!

The night was SO much fun & it was discovered that Jeremy is quite possibly the easiest person in the world to surprise. When pulling into the parking lot, he spotted my Dad (which, quite honestly, is not that unusual). Then, Julie came up to him outside to present him with a special bottle. He just thought she swung by to say "congrats." Then, Jan walked up (we were still outside & Jeremy was still under the impression that we were meeting the Kellers' for dinner) and Jeremy just assumed she was meeting my parents for dinner. So, I finally drug him inside and he bee-lined it to the bar, while everyone was standing in the Oyster Bar practically waiting for him to acknowledge what was going on. It was quite funny, actually. 

Thanks for all who came out to celebrate- it was a blast. I will speak on behalf of Jeremy to state that he sincerely appreciates all of the thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement he has received over the past 9 months! XOXO


  1. Please give Jeremy our HUGE congratulations!!!! I have heard that the CPA exam is the HARDEST exam. I know how hard he must have worked and to do it with 2 little kids in the house is pretty much an amazing task! So proud of my cousin!

  2. Congratulations to Jeremy! I've heard horror stories of how tough it is to become a CPA, so I'm sure he's glad that's done. Now he has to face the perils of tax season for any and all possible clients. If he could handle those exams, I'm sure he can handle his new career.