Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day (and other shenanigans)

How was your Labor Day weekend? Ours was TONS of fun- we made our annual Labor-Day-Trek to Htown to spend the weekend with Haley, Carly, and fam. 

But, before we dive into all that, I realized I had not posted these pics. Here are Hazel & Lia at The Winckler's house for Tim & Jessie's "last Jackson hurrah"

AND...the Hutch man.

This is Hazel photo-bombing Hutch's fishing picture. Love it. 

Ok, so back to Labor Day weekend. The H's had a blast (as always) with their cousins. The following 3 pics would document their silly faces that they showed me on Sunday morning. 

We called the Elmo chair "Vivi's Throne." She would just crawl right through her cousins & toys to beeline it to that chair. And, she would just sit there while everyone else played. The only time she got up was to to tamper with the media equipment. :) 

The H's love Ryder's cars!

Here is Ryder showing us his new bike. 

Of course, Hutch had to take a spin, too. 
 And, you know Hazel can't be left out.
 We cooked out Sunday night. It was so great spending time with those we don't see very often. Here is Vivi, Haley, Tony, Joybeth, Jacob, and Deeana.
 Sweet little Vivi-cakes.

Hazel likes driving her cousins around. 

 Love my sister!!!

Alissa & Pat- so glad they made the trip to the 'burbs to hang out with us!
 Jeremy & Jacob
 My Dad and his buddy, Fisher. Or, as we tended to call him all weekend, "Poor Fisher." I am sure he was ecstatic to discover we headed back to MS.

 Love my bestie!

Tony & Joybeth

Deanna & Jeremy

Jeremy & Alissa

Ok, so if you back up to the Thursday night before Labor Day weekend, you would have found us at Hal & Mal's enjoying a fabulous dinner with some cousins that we do not get to see often enough. Harold, Jenny, Greg, Marianne, and Bobby came in from Denver. It is rather hard to catch up when you have toddlers (they tend to be rather demanding, don't they?) running around the whole time, but I love these folks dearly- so glad we were able to spend a couple of hours with them!

 AND, Ed, Julia, and Will joined us (along with a few others)...Will made a new best friend when he copied a certain little girl's hairstyle.

Group pic!

And, we are back in Houston again. It has been all I can do to not run over this laptop with my SUV tonight. So, I just don't think I have the patience to rearrange pictures. I am sure you are not surprised- you know, I just try to keep things interesting around here. Hutch and Hazel were not impressed with Primos' Banana Nut Bread. I think the moments following this picture were centered around trying to "wipe it all out" of Ryder's mouth with a napkin.

While Vivi and Hazel did not go the MSU game, they were certainly dressed for a win! And although that win didn't necessarily happen, they sure did look cute!


Go Dawgs! Sister pic!

Excuse me, m'am...I think I am going to need to see your license and insurance please. 
 Just the girls...I had a better pic that included Ann, but her eyes were closed & I just couldn't do that to her.:)
We were so glad that Ann joined us for the weekend!

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!

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