Friday, September 13, 2013


We headed west this past weekend to celebrate Alma's 80th. We survived 5 plane rides in 3 days. With the little H's. Phew. They, surprisingly, did really well & had a blast riding those airplanes. Here are some pics from the weekend:

Hutch & Hazel (esp Hazel) had a ton-o-fun hanging out with their cousins, Kinnsey and Camri. There is so much going on in this picture- it cracks me up. Hutch & Hazel have these books where you have to find certain objects in pictures. This totally reminds of that book. Can you find Hutch? Hazel? Kinnsey?

These girls love Hazel & she just followed them around all afternoon. It was like a girl-train every time they would walk through the living room. They still love picking Hazel up as much as she can, but Hazel has apparently outgrown that, as I overheard her yell several times, "PUT ME DOWN!!!" 

Nanny Alma was super excited to be surrounded by these little loves on her birthday!

Hutch, Ross, and Stetson- we were so excited they stopped by, too!

Things got serious when the slip 'n slide was busted out. You gotta beat that West Texas heat somehow. 

It's always a party when Uncle Ronnie is around!
 Vickie, Ed, Kaleb, and Doug

Us with the birthday girl!

See? I told you these 3 were inseparable. Remember this picture of Kinnsey and Hazel from last summer? Still one of my all time faves.

Totally digging the hats. And Hutch being his silly little self. 

Hazel had no reservations putting her cousins to work. They took turns pushing her around the house on this thing. And she loved it. I don't think I heard her offer to return the favor. 

Our Odessa trips are always fun- wish we could make it out there more often. You know what else I wish? I wish I would have pulled my camera out when Aunt Casey got there. I just realized I had no pics of her, but she was certainly there & it was great spending some time with her. She even came with gifts- Hazel was the recipient of a pink pig, in which she has named "Moo" and Hutch got his very own slingshot. Sweet! Thanks, Aunt Case! Jarrod was certainly missed but we were so glad to skype with him Sat. night.

Our kiddos were ever the entertaining ones during our travels. They kept us laughing on Sunday as we navigated 2 connections in Dallas and Houston. 

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  1. I am glad you all had a great time in Odessa...and that the Little's were good on the plane...sheesh, two connections! That's brutal for an adult only flight! I love all of the pictures! I went back to your previous Odessa post...all four of those precious kiddos are growing up so fast! They need books on their heads so they will stop!!! Give the H's hugs from us!