Sunday, October 20, 2013

10 Random Things

 Hi, friends, how are y'all! It's been way too long since I had a random post, so I thought I would share a few things that have been on my mind lately.  
  1. First off, check out this song Jeremy introduced me to. It's interesting because watching the video & reading the lyrics, the song content is actually pretty sad. But the music and rythmn is so upbeat & for lack of better words, just happy. I actually watched the whole video which led me to read the lyrics & I was surprised at what the song actually focuses on. Maybe that's why it's so upbeat? Because he left his old life behind? Regardless, I love it, love it, love it. 
2. I can't get this off my mind. I know I can't sew. Do you think that's a problem? I think I could swing this by hand-stitching. We are toying with the idea of Jeremy building Hazel a dollhouse for Christmas, so I think this would be a perfect gift for Vivi-cakes. For the record, I am actually inspired to explore my creative side quite often. It's the initiative that tends to be lacking.
3. I just finished reading a fantastic book called When I Found You by Catherine Ryan Hyde. It's a quick read about the unconditional love between a "father" and son. I adored the characters & hated to see it end.
4. I straightened my hair a couple of weeks ago. It was a spontaneous idea that resulted in one hot mess. It was discovered that my straight hair almost reaches belly button. AND, to make it even better, when I left the house that morning, it was so foggy outside I could hardly see in front of me- 95% humidity, I think? 2 hours of straightening and all I was left with was a frizzy side braid that I just couldn't pull off. Boo.
5. Hazel's finally moving up to a big bed! YAY!!! I am currently obsessed with picking out her bedding. I am battling between picking out something that is "little girl" enough (think- flowers, animals, etc., etc.) but something to my liking also (I have accepted the fact that she probably will not be thrilled with a yellow & gray chevron print set that I would pick out if I were redoing my own bedroom).
6. It's yet to hit 50 degrees & I have already made chili twice. Maybe while wearing my tall boots.
7. Did ya hear Alissa is engaged!!! Whoot, Whoot!!!
8. I was recently able to recreate my favorite Whole Foods sandwich. I bought a few loaves of fresh french bread (the sandwich rolls) from Fresh Market, layered it with fresh mozzeralla (amazing), basil (not to be confused with Hazel, if you saw my FB post a few weeks ago), and tomato slices. Delish!!! Speaking of, we cruised by the new Whole Foods a few weeks ago to check on the progress & it's lookin' good! Can't wait for overpriced groceries & lunches!
9. Jeremy spent last weekend in the ATX with Jarrod, Casey, and lots of friends- hate that I missed it but I enjoyed living vicariously through the stories, food (ahem, Matt's El Rancho), and am so appreciative of the stacks of homemade HEB tortillas that have temporarily made their home in our freezer.
10. Halloween is right around the corner! We will be kickin' it with the sweetest toughest little Batman EV-AH and the prettiest little Tinkerbell I have ever laid my eyes on. While I am not a huge Halloween fan, in regards to dressing up myself, I always enjoy spotting unique & fun costumes. Have you seen the rollercoaster riders? (no. 15) Hilarious. One of my favorite Halloween memories is being in Lowes & some dude running in looking for goggles b/c he was going as "Double Dare." The last year we dressed up was in 2007. Early 90's Odessa High Prom King & Queen. Totally last minute costume idea & I remember Jeremy saying he could just throw on a black jacket with jeans. And I said, "For Prom? We are going as Prom Queen & King?!!!" And he said, "What? That's what we wore to my Prom?" So, jeans it was!


  1. I heard Whole Foods is also called "Whole Paycheck!" HA! If you do the dollhouse suitcase, I would be TOTALLY impressed! My sewing ended a few years back but I hope to get back into it (along with reading!).
    P.S. I like the random blog posts.

  2. Oh, and could you email me y'alls number? Cody had wanted to text Jeremy a congrats on the CPA test.

  3. Hey, Kim!!! Thanks so much! Yes, you are completely right about Whole Foods- ridiculously expensive. I don't think I have your email address? I think I used to, but it's not saved for some reason in my contact book- can you email me & I will respond? I know Jeremy would love to hear from y'all!

  4. You totally inspired me to make chili and I totally think y'all could pull off that cute doll house! I'm glad you love Whole Foods...btw if you stick to their house brands and manage to be un-seduced by the top of line options as well as the prepared foods you can get out of there for a lower cart cost than most places (including Target and Albertson's..y'all have Alberston's, right). When your new one opens schedule a value'll be amazed! xo

    1. Jayme, great to know! I think all I ever bought from Whole Foods, besides going there to just eat a meal, was the prepared foods & things from the bulk section. We tend to shop at Fresh Market & Kroger here- thanks again for the tips & comment- hope y'all are doing well!!!

  5. I love this post, but what I love even more is the new picture of your little H's! They are so stinkin' adorable!!! They both have the prettiest teeth! :)