Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, Haley!!!

Happy Birthday to my favorite youngEST sister, Haley! I am BEYOND blessed to call you a sister & I am super thankful that you still love me even though I was quite the nasty older sister at times when you were younger. I am sorry we told you (countlessly) that you were adopted. I am also sorry that we tried to convince you that Mom & Dad found you in a dumpster and felt bad for you, so they decided to take you to in. Looking back, we shouldn't have told you that you should be the spokesperson for The Piggly Wiggly and that you didn't even need a costume. Since we are getting this all out in the open (I am feeling better with every word I type!), I promise to never put a rubber band around the sprayer in the sink so that when you turn on the water, you are immediately sprayed by cold water. AND, if we were to play "bank" anytime soon, I swear I will let you be the teller. And the teacher (you know, if we decide to pretend one weekend) if we decide to play school. Which, really, that would just make sense, wouldn't it?
I also promise if you ever develop a crazy rash, to NEVER EVER get all my friends off the school bus to come see how horrible it looks.
That's one (of the many) wonderful things about Haley- she just takes everything in stride. Despite the mean things I said to her growing up and the bossing around and everything else, she still loved me & looked up to me. Don't get me wrong, Carly was right there with me ( you noticed the "we" reference above, right?). I can't take all the credit. Looking back at pictures, I just think, how could we have been so mean to that sweet little face? Pure cute-ness, I tell you.
So, Haley, in honor of you today on your birthday, here is a post full of some of my fave pics of you within the past few years. I say that because those are the only pics I really have at my disposal & we both know some of our best memories go way beyond that.  I love you dearly & am so proud to call you my sister! Thank you for being the sweet, unique, fun, full-of-love, independent, Christ-loving person that you are. You truly inspire me in so many ways. May this be your best year ev-ah! Cheers to you!
She did create "airplane-ing" you know. I don't think it has quite taken off like we originally planned, but it's still early yet.

I love the strained smile & Hutch's expression. Seriously, what is that look?

Definitely one of my ALL TIME fave pics.

I laughed out loud when I saw this. There is so much going on in this picture, it is hilarious. 
Just before Carly's big day!

Such the proper one. 

Amazing hair pic, might I say- wowsers, it's lookin' good!
As I am captioning this, I am having a flashback of you maybe saying something like, "Oh my gosh, that is awful! Don't you dare put this on your blog!" But it's too funny not to. Look at your face & Hazel has this uncomfortable-put-me-down expression.

Another cool-hair pic, except this time of our little dude. Remember that crazy hair???

Happy Birthday, Haley!!! Love you so much & hate we can't actually spend your birthday with you but looking forward to making up for it in a couple of weeks- yay!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Haley! All three of you Boone sister's are just beautiful!!! Sister's are the best!!!!