Thursday, October 3, 2013

Matt & Caroline Got Hitched!

Hi, friends, long time- no blog. Just a little blog humor for you this afternoon. I know- it's really not that funny. I know it's Hump Day, but did y'all have a great weekend? We did! We headed to San Antonio on Friday for a lovely wedding-weekend to celebrate Matt & Caroline. We were thrilled to hang out with some old friends & meet some new ones. And although we certianly missed the little H's, it was nice having a few days to ourselves (thanks, Mom & Dad!)
San Antonio will always hold a special place in our hearts- we have traveled there on many ocassions and that's where Jeremy popped the big question almost 7 years ago. With the Riverwalk, history, great food, and wonderful accomodations, how could you not have fun there?
Look, it's EAKIN! Michael Eakin, that is...I have not seen this friend since, oh, I don't know...2001 or so?
We took a trolley to The Market on Friday because I went on and on talking about all the action that goes on there- the mariachi's, the street artists, the shops, the crowds.
This is what it looked like.
Apparently, Friday's are not the most happenin' days. The only artist we could find was a lone cartoon artist & no one in our group was down with getting a characterture.  Or Henna tattoos, for that matter. Or a permanent tattoo. Oh, well, I tried to throw caution to the wind. Despite the lack of activity, we did enjoy a couple of 'ritas on the patio.

No trip to San Antonio is complete without a drink at the Buckhorn Saloon. While we didn't take the tour, we did enjoy hanging out here for a bit. 
Let's give it up for The Matching Shirt Club, Whoot! Whoot!
Matt & Caroline were extremely gracious to invite everyone to the pre-wedding party on Friday night. The food was delish, the drinks were cold, and the company was superb. Here are Ryan, Eakin, Jeremy, and our new friend, Luke.
On Saturday, we had all day to kill, so we decided to rent bikes. SA has this really awesome rent-a-bike program where you pay $10.00 and have a bike all day. There are literally tons of stations throughout town where you have bike access to drop off/ pick up. I have to give it to my husband because when he told me that the last thing he wanted to do was spend all day on the Riverwalk shopping, my heart kinda broke a little bit. And I may have had the thought of, "Well, we could always split up for a couple of hours." We reached a compromise & decided that there was plenty of time to do what both of us wanted (yay us)- come to find out, that bike rental idea was probably the best over the whole weekend (certainly a better one that me trying to get a whole bus full of people to join me in "The Wheels on the Bus"...apparently not as big of a hit with some as it is in our house). So, back to the bike rental- we hit up a local place in the King William District for breakfast tacos, saw some local art and cruised a section of the Riverwalk that I didn't even know existed!

It was only about 11:00 when we reached this section on our trip, so we decided to skip the brewery(calm down, 21-year-old-self) and just mosey around the area. I loved the building, though.

Eakin is a cyclist for reals. So, we had to catch up on some of the lingo. One of the funniest parts about the bike trip was when this hard-core cyclist got behind Jeremy and starting shouting "LEFT! LEFT!" and sweet Jeremy was just peddling along, checking out all the scenery. He almost got ran over. I was just laughing like crazy behind him.
Check it out! This is where we stayed the weekend that Jeremy proposed to me!
This was such a fun & beautiful wedding! Check out these sharp-dressed 'fellas!

The ceremony/ reception was at the McNay Art Museum- this place was top notch. I hate it for Matt & Caroline that it rained, but I thought that everything was just beautiful. Job well done!
I am a little disappointed that this was the only pic I took of the happy couple, but they were busy, you know. At least I got one? And, I think it's a pretty good one, if I do say so myself!
Jeremy stopping to take a pic on Sunday.
We just had to get our pic in front of the Alamo! Do you see that cleaning guy over to your left? That's about the spot where Jeremy proposed to me. The fact that I just stated "See that cleaning guy to the left?" explains why we did not get our picture taken in the exact spot. Since you were wondering, and all.
Matt & Caroline, thank you for an absolutely LOVELY weekend- we were honored to be a part of it and we wish you the absolute very best in your marriage! 


  1. Nine pics of me in one blog. World record!!

    1. First time you have ever commented on my blog= 2 records!!

  2. Loved seeing you and Jeremy. You are just as beautiful as always. Take care of that wonderful family of yours.

    1. Sheila, it was SO great seeing you & Dave, too! The weekend was just perfect- thank you for your sweet words!

  3. Hey Girl! Glad y'all had a good time and so disappointed we were not able to hook up while y'all were here. I don't know if you got my text...I am wondering if I have a wrong phone number saved on my phone, but I did text may have gone to someone other than you if it was not your current number! We had a pretty busy weekend ourselves, and y'all are more than welcome to visit again if you are going to bring that wonderful rain with you! :) Miss y'all!!!

    1. I am SOOO sorry, I did get your text & I meant to respond back, but things were super crazy all weekend! I hate that we missed seeing y'all but certainly understood- hope y'all are doing well & miss you tons!!!