Friday, October 11, 2013

The Annual Fair Trip

It's that time of year, folks! October to me= tall boots (I don't care if it's 80 degrees- it's fall), cooler weather, chili, placing scarecrows & haybales in the yard, and, OF COURSE, the fair! This year was a bit different for me. As I have stated in previous fair posts here and here and here, the fair brings back SO many memories for me. I am reminded of the fun times I had there as a kid with my parents and sisters. I am reminded of fair trips with my friends in high school where we were so broke, we had to try to figure out how we could snag multiple biscuits at the free biscuit stand without being caught. My most recent memories are obviously focused on my little H's & it's always fun to see how their interests have changed over the past year.
I was looking back at previous "fair" posts yesterday & realized that many of my pics last year were taken of the kids posing on things. There were quite a few of Hutch on rides, but all of the ones of Hazel were primarily when she was sitting still or walking around. Or with my Mom or Jan. This year, you will notice that everything is focused on action. I was a bit disappointed, at first, that I did not get any really cute pics of the kiddos together posing in front of things. We missed the "annual cow pic" and I couldn't get a good pic of Hazel feeding any animals. I didn't get one single picture of Hutch even in the petting zoo because he was stuck to his Daddy's side the whole time & they moved at a whole different pace than we did. But, then it hit me, that only getting the "action shots" is a fantastic analogy of where we are now. The little H's are not quite so little anymore and all they do is move. Move. Move. Move. Hazel wanted to do everything Hutch did. I was so proud of her- she cried on a few rides, but she wiped those tears as soon as the ride stopped & didn't hesistate once to follow her big brother onto the next adventure. We were pretty impressed.
So, last year, I stated that the 2nd Wed. of the fair is THE night to go due to lack of people. Ok, I stand corrected this year. Maybe the whole Jackson-metro area does read my blog? Did I give it away? Can I only blame myself? Oh my gosh, there were people everywhere. The lines were actually not so bad, but keeping up with 2 toddlers was quite a challenge- was super thankful we had my Mom to help rangle these 2 little fair-goers.
Can I vent for just a second? Why can you not use an arm band to ride certain things? Really? You pay a small fortune for 4 arms bands & you can't even use them for the slide. Ridiculous. Hutch insisted that he go down by himself- I couldn't believe it. A sign that he is growing up for sure. Sniff, sniff. 

Sweet little baby goats. 
Hazel's idea of feeding the animals consisted of throwing carrots into their pen. That girl could tackle the roller-coaster, but she wasn't about to let a wild animal eat from her hand. 

Getting ready! 
Where's Hazel? She was most likely covering her eyes while leaning into my shoulder. Or, wait, if this was the second one we rode, she probably had her little hands in the air ("NO HANDS!!!") like her brother and Daddy did earlier. 
What's this face? This may have been taken after he was told he had to be 5 to jump onto the "Bubble" ride. Stupid rules. Hey, little dude, next year, that bubble ride has your name ALL.OVER.IT. 

Beep, Beep! Do y'all remember when ALL of the kiddo rides were just the simple "umbrella" type rides? Everything went around in circles. It was just different modes of transportation- cars, bikes, etc. By the way, didn't they used to have Bumper Cars? Whatever happened to those? I have never been a huge fan myself, but Hutch would have LOVED them.
Let me note that it is quite a helpless feeling watching your child crying on a ride while you just stand there saying, "Smile!!!! It's fun!!! Yeah!!!" But, those moments do produce pretty good pics. 
And sometimes, they actually end up enjoying it. 
This was probably my fave ride of the night. And even though Hutch looks very uninterested in this picture, once those cars started slinging us around the curves, it was pure joy on that boy's face. We laughed and laughed and laughed. 

I wish this one had turned out better, but, oh, I adore this picture. I mean, look at Hazel's face. I think this one was her favorite. 
2 pics to prove it. 
And we polished off the night with 2 promised "ice cones" for our little fair-goers. Hutch even got to pour his own flavors. He started at the beginning flavor tap and didn't stop until he got to the last one. His "ice cone" was overflowing with juices (gross). But, he ate it all, so to each his own, I suppose!
Glad the fair only comes once a year- it was such fun as always! I supposed it will be action shots from now on! Have a great weekend & as always, thanks SO much for reading! 

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