Thursday, December 12, 2013

Random Post Time!

Happy Friday Eve, Friends! How are ya? I just realized I am way, way, way overdue for a random post. Here goes.
1. First of all, have you seen this video?? I am determined to round up my sisters and memorize every step. It'll be like the Little Miss Sunshine moment we had years ago. I think I am about half way there.

2. So far, Noodle, our elf, has spent a night cruising around our house w/ Woody in Barbie's stolen corvette,  made himself at home in the H's stockings (or as Hazel prefers to call them, "stocks") and attempted a game of Hungry, Hungry Hippo with Boots, Spiderman and Micky Mouse. Of course, this can be expected of an elf who made his holiday debut on top of a stuffed turkey perched on our dining table this year. That elf is CRAZY.

3. Chocolate Covered Cherries, I am so glad you are back.

4. I am reading a new book- "The Flamethrowers." First of all, have any of you read it? Secondly, if so, does it get any better? I am about 40% through & I really have no idea what's going on.

5. I am in the market for some gray boots- any suggestions? I realized yesterday that my heel has come unglued. At some point, you just gotta let 'em go. Wait, have I mentioned this before?

6. Confession: It has recently been discovered why I do not watch TV. Pretty Little Liars, why do you keep sucking me in episode after episode? What is it about a good teen drama? Stop it, already.

7. What are y'all's Christmas plans? After several weekends on the go, we are staying put for a while. High fives! My plans include finally going to see Catching Fire, taking the H's to see Frozen, and just hanging out. Super ready for my whole fam to get here for Christmas!

8. Hazel is about to be 3. We plan to celebrate at the Children's Museum. She's having a princess cake b/c that's the way she rolls. Word.

9. Jeremy & I recently spent a weekend at the Beau Rivage where it was confirmed that I could never live close to a casino. Stupid slot machines. If I had kept playing, I know I would have won it all back....I just know it.

10. Southwest Airlines, SERIOUSLY????? I am too upset to even comment further on this. We were already mad at you but THIS.DOES.IT. This almost makes me want to just pull out my "tucked away" drink tickets and rip them to shreds just to show you how I feel. Almost.

11. Jeremy spotted Jarrod & Casey on an Austin City Limits taping last night. It was beyond awesome. We paused it. We rewound it. We watched it again. We laughed. We, of course, texted and facebooked J & C to let them know. You would have thought they had just shown up at our door we were so excited. Isn't it fun to see someone you know unexpectedly on TV? It's kinda the same feeling when you pass someone you know on the highway or spot someone you know (& like) out & about. And, really, we live in Jackson so this happens all the time. Does it ever loose it's feel? My Mom & I pass each other all the time on the way to work in the mornings and everytime I spot her, I just want to call her & be like, "HEY! I JUST PASSED YOU!!! HAHA!" It's just too much fun. Reason #237 that living in a small town is awesome. I realize this has nothing to do with how I started #11, but just go with it. Welcome to my world.

Annnnd, that's all I got. Have a lovely weekend, everyone! XOXO

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  1. I had no problem following #11, I was with you to the end. It is so fun to see someone you know on TV AND live in a small town where you run into people you know everywhere. Side note, how do you have time to keep this blogging up??? I am so impressed.