Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Top 5

This weekend was filled with so much fun and so many laughs, I had to share. Here is my list:

1. Hazel is moving to a new class! She is actually over in her big brother's building now, so she is just beside herself. We talked for a few minutes with Hutch this morning & asked if he would look out for her today. Apparently when Jeremy dropped him off this morning, Hutch walked into the cafeteria that was packed with young-uns, held his hands in the air, and yelled, "ATTENTION, EVERYONE!!! EVERYONE LOOK AT ME, PLEASE. EVERYONE!!! HAZEL IS GOING TO BE OVER HERE NOW BECAUSE SHE IS ALMOST THREE YEARS OLD." I think she's in good hands. :)

2. Saturday consisted of morning laziness, homemade waffles (as in not the frozen kind), sweet cuddles, lots of coffee, making Ninjabread cookies and a Christmas party that included the kiddos. FYI, Ninjabread= HUGE SUCCESS. The H's loved decorating them. Hazel's technique consisted of decorating and eating her cookie at the same time. We may have some future bakers on our hand. The party included a huge pinata (or, as Hutch calls them, "piana") that Hutch couldn't wait to get his hands on. I happened to walk into the kitchen & I heard this, "WHAM, WHAM, WHAM" sound and would you believe it was little Hutch out there wacking that pinata with every once of strength in his 4 year old body? The highlight was the next morning as we were loading up for church when he looked at me and said, "Mama, did you see me hit that piana? MAN, I hit it gooood!!!!"

3. Children's Church yesterday. So, the last time all the wee ones were called down to the front of the church for pastor-time, I had to practically drag my two. They were so shy & nervous. Well, this go round, they marched down to the altar, and I moved to the front pew so I could be there for their shy little selves in case they had a case of stage-fright. The thing is, though, that Hazel didn't stop at the altar. She just marched right up to the pulpit and decided to look things over while the pastor was telling the story to the other kiddos. She didn't mind that the whole congration was focused on this story or that she was up there by herself. She checked out Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. Then she turned around, grinned, and looked up at the lights. Then, she realized there was a story being told, so she walked back down to join the others. Then, apparently, she wasn't very intersted in the story, as she stood up and smiled at everyone again, Then, spent some time staring at the ceiling and squinting at the lights. Then, back up to the pulpit again. Meanwhile, as the pastor was telling the story about Mary and Joseph and how if they came to his house, he would want them to be comfortable, Hutch yelled out, "Jesus is comfortable if he is in your heart!!!!" Everyone agreed & there was even mention of maybe a pastoral type career in Hutch's future. My little ones make me smile so much it hurts. :)

4.Frozen, have y'all seen it? We took the kiddos yesterday & it is too cute. Hutch must have enjoyed it more than Hazel, as she whispered in my ear about 30 minutes before it was over, "Can we go home now?" What is about the holidays and the movies? We used to go see just about every movie that was out when I would come home from college for Christmas. And, we used to always go see a movie on Christmas night. I have very fond memories of the movies at Christmas time. Fun times fo-sho!

5. Last night, Hutch and I went to Christ United's Christmas program with my Mom and Aunt Jan. Hutch was on his best behavior- I was so proud. He did look up at Jan once with a pencil up his nose, but other than that, he was pretty wellbehaved! We then ate dinner at Amerigos & it was awesome, as always. I asked Hutch this morning if he had fun & he said yes. I thanked him for going with me & he basically responded that the main reason he went was for the spaghetti.

One week before Christmas! Yay! Our shopping is just about done, so I hope to focus on other Christmas things this week. My plan is to take the kids to look at Christmas lights, bake some good snacks for miscellaneous events, and wrap up my Christmas-movie-must-watch list. We have only watched Elf, The Family Stone, Charlie Brown, and all the classics for kids  So, we need to dust off Christmas Vacation and Love Actually. This kiddos Christmas program is at school tomorrow so I can't wait for that- Hutch has his lines down pat, so he is ready! Hope y'all have a wonderful week! Merry Christmas!

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