Friday, August 22, 2014

The Friday Five- It's Baaaaack!

Whoot, Whoot!!! I have been itching to do one of these for a while now but just couldn't find my initiative if you know what I'm sayin'. Here goes:

1. Having a "no curfew" night as an adult is entirely over-rated. Truth.

2. Words of Wisdom from my eldest child:
     Hutch: "Mama, do you know what you call baby trees?"
     Me: "No, what do you call baby trees?"
     Hutch: "Seeds"

3. I had my first tall-boot sighting the other day. It was about 99 degrees outside. And it wasn't me.

4. We told Hazel she needed to quit playing and eat her dinner the other night. Her response? "Mama, I can't. It's totally freaking me out." Help me.

5. I've had this on repeat. Really, even Hazel was walking around singing it earlier.

Happy Friday, friends, have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Change, bittersweet change. While this post is obviously a few weeks overdue, I had to dedicate a special post to my special Kindergartener. Oh, how did this day get here so quickly? I didn't cry when we walked him to his class the first day. Well, let me clarify- I didn't cry. Hazel did. She didn't want to leave her big brother behind. But, I did shed quite a few tears as I walked away from that bus stop on that highly anticipated 2nd day of school.
 I have realized over the past couple of months that change is hard, even when it's change that you have been counting down the days for. I tried not to talk to Hutch too much about kindergarten over the summer, because I knew he was smart enough to realize that starting a new school would also mean not spending days with his favorite classmates that he absolutely adored. Don't get me wrong- we talked about it frequently. But, I didn't bring it up all the time (as I was so tempted to do) because even for this little outgoing fella, new things can be a challenge. We recently moved, and that was a change that we had talked about and dreamed about since we practically arrived in Jackson. But, it also meant not being neighbors to a family that we grew quite fond of. And not being able to walk to our favorite fishing spot. Hutch was so devastated we were leaving, he had a breakdown one night & begged us to take EVERYTHING in the house- ceiling fans included. We soon realized, however, that he was experiencing his first real "change" and while he was certainly excited, he knew that some things would just not be able to come with us. Growing up is hard.
I say all of this because I still can't believe that my favorite little fella has left the preschool world and joined the elementary ranks. He wakes up smiling & can't wait to board that school bus. He orders his lunch in the cafeteria line like a big boy. He's already got it all figured out. In fact, he asked me while standing in line to meet his teacher, "Mama, can I go to college?"
You go get 'em, Hutch-man!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hey, There!

Hey, friends! I know you probably think that I have just hung up the blogging hat forever, but I am  back! I may have thought about just calling it quits a few times, but I just can't seem to let her go. I can't promise that my posts will be as regular as they were, but I will do what I can. Things seem to be a bit busier these days. What have y'all been up to? I thought I would catch y'all up with a few pics that never got posted. 

Here are Hutch & Hazel on Easter. Word of advice? Buy a 15.00 Easter dress for your baby girl online. You will then feel perfectly okay with her refusing to take it off and ruining it throughout the remainder of the day. Then, you can add it to her "princess dress" collection for a few days until it is so unrecognizable it has to be secretly placed in the trash. You can thank me later. 

We also had a chance to go celebrate Tim's 30th in Columbus. Oh, to be 30 again. 

They even had cornhole & Hutch was so excited to play. He even signed himself up. 

We traveled to Biloxi for my MS SHRM conference, then headed over to Houston see Alissa & Pat tie the knot. I don't have any pictures of the actual wedding day, as that seems to be my M.O. these days. But, I did get a few cute ones of Jenny Marie. 

And, at least I did manage to get a pic of the happy couple!

After Houston, I headed to NOLA with my parents and Haley to see April & Rad get hitched. I can honestly say that I have never, ever seen a bride have more fun. 

Then, of course, we had the Annual Hal White Memorial Croquet Tourney. It was a huge success & Taylor walked away with the trophy this year. 

And, just a few weeks ago we took the train to NOLA for the 2014 Simmons Reunion. It was SO much fun! Quite a different trip to NOLA than I have experienced in the past, might I add. I think we were in bed by 11:00 every night. Of course, we were also up by 7:00 AM every morning. In 5 days, we managed to knock out the zoo, aquarium, insectiquarium, Cafe Du Monde (btw, kids=not impressed.), time with lots of family, etc. , etc. It was a busy, fun week!

Here are a few more Easter pics. You know, that's how I roll. 

 Oh, and did I mention that Hutch graduated Pre-K? Watch out, world! He starts kindergarten this week.  Gasp. I still can't believe it. His plans as of right now for when he gets older involve moving out to west Texas and becoming a cowboy. You go for it, little buddy. Sounds like a fantastic plan. 

And, then of course, we have managed to spend some time out at Monie & Grandpappy's land in between. 

I tried to keep it brief, but that continues to be a challenge for me. We also moved last month & I started a new job this week. Yay for changes! 

I can't sign off this post without mentioning that we lost a very special family member this week- Syble Simmons. Syble was my Great-Aunt and one of the sweetest, most energetic, funniest, full-of-life people I have ever met. She loved family so much- especially her grandchildren, great-grands, and great-nieces & great-nephews. Really, she loved all babies that she could rock to sleep. She was certainly a fixture in Utica, MS, and her absence is felt by so many. She will be greatly missed but there is no doubt she is dancing and laughing away in heaven right now. What a privilege to have been related to this special person. 

I thank you all for reading, as always! 

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Friday Five

  1. Hutch has recently learned a new word for when he gets mad. You may or may not have heard of it: "Oh, craps." Yes, there is an "s" on the end. And, yes, we have asked him not to say this going forward. He hears everything. And repeats everything. Just test him.
  2. In the past 2 weeks we have traveled to: Brownwood, Biloxi, Houston, Dallas, and New Orleans. We. Are. Exhausted. Cheers to great memories made with old friends, good times with new friends, love, BBQ, late-nights, sister love, Waffle House stops, breaking even on slot machines, Taco Cabana, Lupe Tortillia, 2nd Line Stomps, fun brides, and hotel hopping.
  3. On Friday, one of my besties, Jenn, made the following statement to me: "Lindsey, your dress looks awful. Those wrinkles are really embarrassing. Ugh" This statement was made about 30 minutes before walking down the aisle to support Mr. & Mrs. Pickles. God Bless great friends who will just be flat out honest with you. I laugh out loud everytime I replay this moment in my head.
  4. Current topic of debate between me & my better half: Furniture. I think Craig's List & Jeremy thinks "new that looks old." This should be very interesting.
  5. Have you checked out The Lighthouse and The Whaler? I am a sucker for some harmonized voices.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Goldfinch- Review

Hiya, friends! I am just dropping by to do a book review. I know I haven't posted in quite some time, but know this blog has been on my mind. Alot, actually. Kindof like a loved one I haven't seen in a while. I am trying to find a new way to upload some pics (laptop probs. still.) so I promise some kiddo updates very soon. Things have been a bit hectic the past couple of weeks & having to take the time to learn how to upload pics in a new way (hard) just hasn't been a priority. In fact, it's kindof like everytime I think about it, I grimace & think, "Oh, I will do that tomorrow." Ugh. Sometimes I hate change.
So, let's skip to the review. The Goldfinch. Oh, mercy. I love a long book. But, this book was just never- ending. I have yet to read a bad review on it, but really, I just wasn't that into it. The author certainly had a way with words & there were parts that I really did enjoy. BUT, overall, I thought it was just really drug out & down right depressing. There were moments where I thought, "Seriously? How many bad things can happen in this book? Give the guy a break!" But, I powered on. I kept waiting for the "can't put it down" feeling I kept hearing so much about. I finally felt that way towards the end, but I think that was just a result of it being so close to "over."
I love a good book that keeps me up at know, the kind you open up are tempted to open up at stop lights? The kind that you can read in about 48 hours? It's been a while since I have found one like this & I am ready! I have moved on to The Case for Christ and while it's certainly interesting, it's not what I would call a page turner. I have learned alot, though & it's neat to see so many things I have believed in for so long to be backed by actual fact. One of the focuses of this book is to separate faith from historical proof. I can only assume that people read this book for different reasons. The author set out to prove that Jesus did not exist, but he ends up becoming a Christian along the way. I thought it would be neat to take a look at what he actually discovered & so far it's pretty interesting. Alot of comparing to historical figures I have never heard of, "lost books" of the Bible, theologians, etc. It's honestly a bit over my head, but I am determined to finish! After this, I may need to switch back to something that requires very little thought. Maybe a new YA series. 
Anyways, I promise to update some pics of the H's soon! They have been quite the busy ones- Hutch just graduated Pre-K last night (watch out, world!) and we have been traveling all over. And, then there's Easter pics, etc., etc.
Thanks for reading!!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Friday Five- What? You Thought I Forgot??

  1. Here are the reasons I have not blogged in 2 weeks: our laptop bid us farewell a couple of days ago. I have soop-ah cute Easter pics of the kiddos that I went to load on Tuesday when I realized that I couldn't get the computer to turn on. Boo. And, I have been a bit over the blogging lately, honestly. So, I decided to take a breather. There will most likely be a few more of those to come until I get out of my blog-funk.
  2. I read this a little while ago on A Cup of Jo: * "I thought I would share something that never fails to make me smile, even on the bluest of days. Are you ready? Just imagine a Tyrannosaurus Rex making up a king size bed. Those tiny arms. Those big sheets. Amazing. —Kirsten. Kristen, you are hilarious! Let's be friends.
  3. I can't tell you how many times I have reenacted "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" with Hazel this week. We have old-school french-style doors that open to our living room that is perfect to set the scene. She stands on one side & I stand on the other, while we take turns being Elsa & Ana. I always create ALOT of frustration on her part because I can't remember all the words. Speaking of Frozen, Jeremy sent me this today. I was ROLLING.
  4. The Goldfinch. Does anyone know when I get to the part where I can't put it down? I am about 82% done and I haven't seemed to find it yet. This. Is. The. Never. Ending. Book. I will say it's well written, but geez, it's depressing. Good thing I have the handy T-Rex/ King sheets trick to use going forward!
  5. And, here's my favorite song for this week. (Nope, still not sick of them!) I have cranked this about 4 times today with the windows down. Perfect.


Friday, April 11, 2014

The Friday Five- The AT Edition

It's Bachelorette Weekend for Alissa Trove!!! Yay! We are in Gruene this weekend celebrating our fabulous friend, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite things about this little lady & what I hope this weekend involves on today's Friday Five.

1. When trying to think of my all-time favorite Alissa story, I am bombarded by a whirlwind of such fun memories. So, to make sure they are appropriate for the blog (as if they wouldn't be???) and to keep this list from turning into a novel (who, me?), here are a few words to sum it all up: Enterprise, dancing, NOLA, Memphis, bathroom stalls (ahem), bloody mary's, karaoke, hurricane-survivals, olives & cool whip (not together. separate. for dinner.), solo cab rides (sorry!), Vegas, AMLI, pool days, Love Actually, Texas Trash & chocolate covered Ritz crackers, work hard/ play hard, laughter & tears, sleeping in parking lots, Superbowl, Fox & Hound, road trips, unattended microphones, and roomies.

2. I plan on eating some really good Mexican food, bar-b-que, taking in a bit of shopping, and maybe lounging by the pool. Wow, my 25 year old self is so disappointed in my anticipation of this Bachelorette Weekend.

3. Gruene Hall!!!

4. Because this post is dedicated to Alissa, I leave you with this....(fyi, do yourself & skip to
5. Alissa, may your weekend be filled with your favorite songs, favorite ladies, favorite beverages, LOADS of laughter, and amazing memories. I love you, TONS!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Friday Five (eve)- Catching Up

Hi, Friends, long time! How's it going? We are ready for a s-l-o-w weekend around here- Happy Friday Eve! In my attempt to combine 2 posts into one, here's my Friday Five- Catching Up addition. Let's see if we can

1. We celebrated Hutch turning 5 at Pump it Up. Wow, that place is crazy. As documented below, you can see that Hutch. Was. Ecstatic. Really, he was. He was just anxious for them to open the doors. These birthday number pics seem to get harder and harder to capture each year. Boo. After the celebration, we headed over to Middendorf's to meet up with some family that we ADORE and had not seen in such a long time. Cindy & Tammy, not sure if you are readers, but we would have driven all the way to NOLA to eat lunch with you. Of course, that is real easy to say when we didn't have to drive that far. But, we would have.


2. Ok, ok, ok, I know I have blogged enough about the loads of fun at Turnpike Troubadours. But, just in case you needed some footage to prove it. 

3. Friday marked one year since our dear friend, Hal White, passed away. I can't believe that it's been that long. He is certainly missed by so many & thought of so often. This toast was to him. Hal On! 

4. We celebrated some very special people this past weekend in H-town by helping co-host a couples shower. We got to see SO many wonderful friends that we had not seen in such a long time. Alissa and Pickles, we love you TONS! Also, I was in charge of pictures. This was, literally, all I got. And, technically, the first one I stole off Alissa's FB page. We wrapped up our time by kickin' it on the Lupe's patio for about 2.5 hours. It was AWESOME. 

5. Because it's Friday Eve and because you maybe, just maybe, want something to jam out to, here is one of my favorites...

Have a great weekend!!