Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Pics!

Happy 2014, friends! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas & rang in the new year right! I am really behind on blogging. So, in efforts to catch up, here are some pics from Christmas time. We had such a great time with Carly, Marc, Ryder, Vivi and Haley in town. I mean, SUCH a great time. It was really nice because everyone was here longer than usual so we got to hang out a lot
Ninjabread Men are probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen. They are easy to make & the H's adored decorating them. We even saved some for Santa- I know he was thrilled. How many houses had Ninjabread men waiting for him? With really ooey-gooey 3 day old gel-frosting? Score!

 And, then there was the Christmas program. Check out our cute little Rudolph!
 And this handsome fella...(excuse the red-eye...I am feeling lazy tonight)


 And, then, one day it was so windy outside & the leaves were blowing all over our yard. I thought it would be fun to get some pics of the kiddos playing in them. 

 And there were bubble beards!
 And fun-in-the-tub!

 Madison even came over for Christmas Eve & there were cupcakes for Jesus' birthday!
 And, presents. Lots of presents.
 Jeremy's parents came in on the was so great to have them here! They even gave the kiddos new rides for Christmas- they were SO excited! Hazel quickly realized that she prefers riding on the back of Hutch's while wearing her tiara, as hers is "too hard" to drive. Just like a little pageant queen.

I hope that all of you had the best Christmas ever- we so enjoyed spending it surrounded by family and friends! Here's to hoping 2014 is filled with everything you hope for! Cheers!

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  1. Hutch is looking so grown up in the latest pics. I can't believe Hazel is 3?!?! Time flies.