Friday, January 24, 2014

Fun Facts for Friday

So, my random posts seem to be a teensy bit popular with my regular readers (thank you, thank you, thank you to all you special people!), so I am going to give this regular post thing a go and attempt to do a "random" type post each week. I am not necessarily committing to this, per say, but I am going to give it a shot. Here we go...
  1. This week, while searching for a unique gift for some unique people, I decided that what I really, really wanted was a cool blown glass something or another. I searched a couple of local stores & came up empty handed, which led to the following thought: "That's it. I am going to quit my job and open up my own store where I can blow glass into really cool things. Like birds. And frogs. And bowls." And, then I realized that I have no idea how to blow glass.
  2. Let it also be known that there have been many times I have not purchased something because I have thought, "I can totally make that. It's ridiculous they are expecting someone to pay $xx.xx for that. Seriously?" This will usually be in response to some cute, smocked or appliqued children's item. By the way, I have never touched a sewing machine and I can barely sew a button.
  3. Is anyone else disappointed that corn is not a vegetable? I know that this is not news to anyone, but I just found myself thinking about that this week.
  4. We made this on Sunday. While it was certainly tasty, I think we will try something beer-less next go round. Everytime we reheated it, our kitchen reeked of Sierra Nevada.
  5. Turnpike Troubadors. Hattiesburg. March 22nd. Still not sold? Tickets only $10.00 per person!! What??? Can't wait to rock it out.
  6. I have discovered this week that I really dig the retro furniture. I want a retro kitchen table REALLY bad. Come on, Jackson's Craiglist, help a sister out!
  7. I just purchased the longest book known to man. Well, that may not be true. In fact, it's probably not. BUT, y'all. This book is 800+  pages. The Goldfinch. Heard of it? It's also the first book I have ever purchased without knowing ANYTHING about. It was recommended by Joanna over here.  
  8. We recently realized that Jackson isn't the only city to practically shut down with the threat of frigid temps. To a particular airport: DOUBLE BOO!!!! Canceling a flight approx. 15 hours before it is scheduled to leave is NOT. COOL.
  9. We are joining a church this weekend- YAY! Finally!
  10. I got about 3 inches chopped off my hair last week. My head feels about 5 pounds lighter. Thumbs up for over-due haircuts.
  11. I need some new tunes. Any suggestions? My ipod needs some spice.

    That wraps this one up- hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!! 


  1. I'd recommend Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis' album "Cheater's Game." There's a little Austin for ya and the whole album is fantastic.

  2. Thanks, Kim! I think I have listeneed to Kelly Willis before & she has a phenomenal voice- will definitely check it out! Thanks for the rec!