Friday, January 10, 2014

Hazel turned 3!!!

I can't believe our Hazel Claire is 3 YEARS OLD! We celebrated her birthday this year at the Children's Museum- thank you to all who made this day so special!
Check out this pretty cowgirl-princess.
It's Jefferson!!!
Here is Hazel's boyfriend, Culley. She was SO excited he could make it. 
How cute is he???
It's Super-Mom and Mee Maw. Julie braved the party with 3 kiddos by herself. I refuse to go by myself with just 2. Super impressed. 
Haley, Jennifer, and Carly

Liam representing the Horns.

And Graham, one of Liam's little brothers. Y'all, this Graham is HILARIOUS. 
Hazel, Haley, and Maddy
This picture of Rivers cracks me up. 
Little Vivi-Cakes and Hazel
Sweet Maddy!

And, Maddy's Mama and little brother, Dylan
Hey, Brandi & Rivers!

Paw Paw & Aunt Jan
Have no fear! Power Ranger Hutch is here!

It is always fascinating to watch how little girls focus on the present-opening. They just sit there and watch- boys just tear into everything. It's pure chaos, I tell ya. 

The Butynskis'!!
Sweet Aria

Princesses Rock! Danni & Ollie Cook and Hazel
It's hard to wrap my arms around the fact that Hazel is 3 and Hutch is about to be 5. Geez, stop growing already!

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