Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Days, 2014- Feedback

It's a must in the Jackson metro area. You know, "Snow Day"- when all schools close & parents grumble about having to call into work to stay at home with children because said schools are not operating. Typically, the grumbling occurs because A) there ends up being no snow B) there is very little snow C) the entire metro area goes into panic mode because of the teensy chance of snow. Y'all. I'ts crazy, I tell you. Anyhoo...this year, there actually was some snow. As in, it just kept snowing all day. WHY, I am sure you are asking, do these little H's look so sad? Well, according to their father, who had the duty of keeping them entertained on this "Snow Day" explains why:

"They look so bummed in this picture because they were unable to do the following:

1. Jump on the trampoline

2. Ride their jeeps

3. Build a snowman

4. Throw Snowballs"
Jeremy is most likely carrying the "Favorite Parent" title right now because this is what he did with the H's on Snow Day:
  1. Pizza at Soulshine w/ me- best lunch dates EVAH!
  2. Popcorn & a Movie- Frozen, again! How fitting, eh?
  3. NO NAPS!!!

On "Snow Day", round 2, I stayed at home with the kiddos. We didn't get out of our pjs all day. Well, I take that back- Hutch wore his Power Ranger costume all day while Hazel sported her Pricess attire until the late hours of the afternoon. We watched cartoons, played with legos, took naps, played outside for about 7 minutes, and did some cleaning. I think they were starting to get a bit stir crazy, but I quite enjoyed being homebound all day!

Confession: I love cold weather but these teen temps have got to go! Power through, everyone! I think we're on the up and up!

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