Friday, January 31, 2014

The Friday Five

Like my new "Friday Random Post" title? Admit it. It's a bit catchy. Here are this week's Random Things.
  1. Painting Things: It's really not so bad. I have decided the worst part is actually going to buy the stuff & deciding to go through with it. High fives for taking initiative!
  2. Favorite part of my days this week: watching Hutch & Hazel shed their school clothes, throw on some "rock star" head bands and jam out to "The Bear Went Over the Mountain."
  3. Speaking of jamming out, we've been cranking up Toto's "Africa" at our house. It's Hutch and Hazel's current favorite & they've just about learned all the lines. Best part? When the drums kick in just before the chorus & I yell, "You ready, Hutch?? Hit it!!!" And then he breaks out the air drums & it's fantastic. I think he may have inherited this ability from his Uncle Jarrod?
  4. Speaking of Uncle Jarrod- he & Casey and coming to visit next week! Whoot, Whoot!
  5. I picked up a bridesmaid's dress last week (yay for Alissa & Pat's wedding!!) at David's Bridal & while I was checking out, a bride-to-be starting ringing this really loud bell. Which, apparently, means she "found her dress." Reminded me of that time that Carly & I were at David's Bridal trying on wedding dresses during a wedding-blitz type thing that involved a DJ, a loud mike, some really cheesy music. When I came out with my first dress on, I think he yelled something like, "HEY! WHAT'S YOUR NAME??" (I responded) and then he said something like, "HEY, LINDSEY, THAT ONE LOOKS GREAT ON YOU!!!" into his microphone. Did I mention that this took place on the weekend when it was super busy? And it was in Houston? So, it didn't look great and I was mortified. Actually, I think we were rolling with  laughter it was so funny. Maybe you had to be there. The point is, I remembered all of this & it made me laugh out loud.

                                                     Have a lovely weekend! XOXO 

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