Friday, February 28, 2014

The Friday Five

  1. Happy Retirement Day to my M-I-L! May your upcoming days be filled with not-setting-the-alarm, planning your dream-home in Canton, no agendas, gardening, reading, relaxing, traveling, and loving on grandbabies (hehe).
  2. I discovered this morning that Hutch & Hazel think I work at SoulShine Pizza.
  3. The Goldfinch- let's do this.
  4. 4 Yellows this week for Hutch. Here's to him getting a green today. To quote this smart little fella: "Well, you can't get yellows forever." Go get 'em, Hutch-man!
  5. I leave you with this....takes me back to my younger years in H-town. If I close my eyes, I can just picture shaking my hips and twirling around the dance floor at Sherlocks. Happy weekend, friends!!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Princess and The Power Ranger

 Once upon a time, there was a Princess and a Power Ranger. They ruled the lands of Brandon, MS and made it their mission to keep Rankin County safe from monsters and bad guys. 

They scoured the lands for guns to shoot bucks for their greatly anticipated "hoot'n annie"

The Power Ranger took a break from their mission to ponder how to gather more bucks in such a large territory. 

He then consoled the Pretty Princess & assured her there would be plenty for all. 

Meanwhile, the little dumptruck sat idly by...just waiting for a task to be assigned to him. 

And, then, The Power Ranger discovered more bucks.

And, he made sure they knew he meant SERIOUS business.


The Power Ranger and The Princess worked all afternoon to ensure their hoot'n annie was a success. 

 The Pretty Princess focused her efforts on fending off those not wanted. 

 And, of course, riding shot-gun in the jeep. As, we all know that driving is "too hard."

 And, sometimes The Pretty Princess just stood there....well, looking pretty. 

And, there was one time, where The Power Ranger thought he could possibly counter his enemies better by jumping on the trampoline fire-pit. In rollerskates. Yeah, he's crazy like that. 

Regardless of his plan. He. Was. Successful. 

 And, if we're going to be honest about this adventure...there were, of course, a few pouting sessions.

 But, those moments passed rather quickly. 

And, The Princess realized very quickly that even with the combined efforts of her magic powers and The Power Ranger's strong muscles, they had nothing on the Rankin County mosquitoes. 

But, the hard work, bugs, and big bucks were worth it- as it was the best hoot'n annie anyone had ever seen. 

And, The Princess and The Power Ranger were extremely pleased. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Friday Five

  1. Listening to Hazel turn just about every one syllable word into 2 or 3 is most definitely one of the highlights of my day-every day. That girl has got her a SOUTHERN accent to top all others- she is definitely Jackie Boone's granddaughter. My personal favorites? "Thaaa-yet"(that) and "Haaaay-elp!" (help)
  2. Might I recommend the Redfish Hannah at Weidmann's in Meridian? Best Valentine's dinner EVER! Complete with a Blue Moon & Au Gratin potatoes. Divine.
  3. Jeremy purchased a metal detector this week. His nerd status has just topped the charts. BUT, I can't wait to see what he discovers. Utica & Canton- watch out!
  4. On my to-do list next week? Order a birthday cake featuring a superhero carrying a Texas flag. I adore Hutch Hoskinson and his vivid imagination.
  5. Dear 6:00 PM, so nice to see you in the daylight. Welcome back. We've enjoyed beelining it outside after school to make a few rounds in the Power Wheels  and jumping on the trampoline before dark settles in. Love, Hutch & Hazel

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Guess what? My new IPhone has motivated me to have a tech-makeover. I recently joined Instagram and Twitter. And, that's really all the news I have to report on that. I joined. I have no idea what do now. I have a few random people following me on "the Twitter". Do I know them? Maybe? I am not really sure. I can't figure out how to see who they actually are.  Honestly, after I set up my accounts, I grew bored. So, I haven't really looked at either account since. But, I am sure my interest will be revived at some point. Right? Right?
Now, Spotify, on the other hand. Oh, Spotify. You music generating app, you. Casey Hoskinson, I wish I could buy you a cold one just to show you how much I appreciate you encouraging this purchase. Oh. My. Word. There is so much music & it's all RIGHT THERE anytime you want it! I am sure I am driving Jeremy crazy- the other night, I was like, "What do you want to hear??? Anything! Anything you want, I can play it! about this... or this..." It's more fun than I can stand. And, I even discovered my new favorite band! Have you ever heard this song? The whole album is great...

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Friday Five- Valentine's Edition

Yo! Happy Valentine's Day! Any big plans? We have a few things going on, but I am most looking forward to dinner w/ my sweet husband. Late night style. As in, 9:00 PM or so. I hope we make it. We're not the spring chickens we used to be. You know, personally, I have never been a big fan of V-Day. I'll just throw that out there. The commercialization. The extremely over-priced flowers. The "can't get reservations because everything is booked." The realization that the Secret Admirer Candy-Gram that you received in 7th grade was actually from your best friend because she didn't want you to be sad. Yeah, that happened. I'm over it, though. Really. It was only, like, 20 years ago. Over.It. :)
I still think Valentine's Day tends to be a bit much. But, as I have grown older, I have gained a new appreciation. My Dad used to always get us 3 something sweet for V-Day and my Mom a big 'ole box of Millionaires, which I am pretty sure she did not consume alone. Now, Valentine's Day means passing down those fun traditions. Hutch and Hazel woke up this morning to a few of their favorites- a mylar balloon, a couple of fun suckers, and a new drawing pad. It's certainly not much, but if anything gets these kiddos excited it's balloons & candy. Whoot, Whoot!
So, onto my honor of Valentine's Day....
  1. I just received my first ever IPhone! Virtual high-fives! Now, can someone tell me how to use it? Any tips? Sweet apps? (thanks, Jeremy, love ya)
  2. I kinda loved it on Saturday when Hutch ran into the kitchen to tell CJ, "Hey, your littlest kid won't stop screamin'." Um, rude, (and inaccurate-he's actually the middlest) but still pretty cute.
  3. I really, really love it when Jeremy does the following things: cleans out the dishwasher, pre-makes our coffee the night before, takes the kiddos for fun-nights-with-Daddy (what up, Burger King!), and calls me just to say hi.
  4. I love that a Jimmy Johns recently opened here. Now, we just need Chipotle, Panera Bread, and maybe we can convince Home Slice that Jackson, MS is the perfect spot for location #2.
  5. I really love Matthew E. White's voice. I know, I's not perfect for just any moment. But, when you just want to chill out... check this out. And the name of this song? Big Love. Perfect.
I hope that each and every one of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day- surrounded by those & things that you love! Holla. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jarrod & Casey-Cat

We were beyond thrilled that Jarrod & Casey (aka Casey-Cat, as she is so lovingly called by the H's) made a trip to visit us last weekend. To sum up the weekend in a few words, the highlights of the weekend included: SoulShine, Hal and Mal's, 4 wheeler rides, steals at an antique shop, almost running out of gas (I mean, ALMOST), cooking out, Team Winckler, a Bloody Mary bar to beat all others (beef jerky infused vodka, what???), front porchin' it with great friends at their great house, and lots of laughter. This weekend topped the charts. Here's some pics.  Pardon the crazy arrangement- I threw in some others & it just wouldn't be right if anything were in actual order. 

For example, here is Hazel running around at the park.

It's Uncle Jarrod! And, Shirley Temples! And Pickles! That's the Jefferson Special, right there. Well, minus the Uncle Jarrod part. That was just a bonus. 

Aunt Casey managed to get a smile out of Hazel 

And, we are back at the park. Tire swings= awesomeness

OH, and Hazel's room got a much needed make-over. Here she is in her "big girl" bed. She had a sleeping buddy her first night. 

We were really excited to take Jarrod & Casey out to Lynn & Doug's land. It was a perfect day to bust out the 4 Wheeler. 

This is probably one of my favorite pictures ever. 

Hazel's expression is fantastic.

Monster Hunt in full swing. 

Hmmm, where'd they go?

And, of course, Hutch practiced his shootin'

Hazel Claire loves these 2.

Huge thanks to Jarrod & Casey for making the trip to visit!!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Friday Five

What's up, peoples? Happy Friday, Whoot, Whoot! Here's the Friday Five:
  1. I really don't understand what all the hype is about regarding the Coca-Cola commercial w/ America the Beautiful being sung in different languages. I personally thought it was a beautiful ad and it made me smile to see so many different people taking pride in their country by singing this special song in their native language. And, the Cheerios commerical- seriously? I just don't get it- what's the big deal? I loved that one, too. Diversity, y'all. We are all special. We are all unique. It doesn't matter what you speak or what your skin color is. It's the kindof person you are on the inside.  
  2. I had full intentions of cleaning my house on Wednesday, but instead I cleaned up my IPod. What a great feeling- I was giddy getting ready for my drive to work yesterday. Vampire Weekend, where have you been all my life? High five to my husband for keying me into new, great music and letting me raid his Amazon Cloud drive.
  3. Jarrod & Casey= currently in the 'Sip= yay, yay, yay!
  4. What do the following numbers mean to you: 1,2,4,8. Probably nothing. What do they mean to Hutch? Excessive talking, Not Following Directions, Disrupting Class, Getting out of seat. Geez, it's hard being a 4 year old. Here's to hoping he has  more "greens" in his future- these yellows are bringing us all down. (note: Wed=green/ success/ 2 pieces of candy/lots of hugs) We did learn that Hazel always gets a green b/c she just gets too upset when threatened with a yellow. Bless her sweet little heart.
  5. Facebook Lookback- I loved it. I thought the pictures that were chosen for my "lookback" were pretty great. And the music tugged at my heartstrings. But, then my newsfeed got all clogged up with everyone else's movies. And, I watched some of them. And, I thought they were really great, too. But, did y'all read this article? Hilarious. I kinda love the Huffington Post.
Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hutch-isms #257

There is a good chance that we have the funniest children on the planet. I mean, where to do they come up with this stuff? Here are some funny things Hutch said this week:
  • "I bet sometimes you wish you had different children." (this was his response when he was in trouble for not minding)
  • "What do I need to do to be President?"
  • "My horse is dead, Mama. He was booby-trapped. Now, you get on outta here, so I can fix him up." (minutes later he comes "riding" in on his horse.) "LOOK! Now, we're going to Hal & Mal's to have some meatballs!!!"
  • Hutch: "Daddy, how come we've never been to Oklahoma?"
    Jeremy:" Because we're TEXANS, son!"
Happy Hump Day, friends!! Thanks for reading!