Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hutch-isms #257

There is a good chance that we have the funniest children on the planet. I mean, where to do they come up with this stuff? Here are some funny things Hutch said this week:
  • "I bet sometimes you wish you had different children." (this was his response when he was in trouble for not minding)
  • "What do I need to do to be President?"
  • "My horse is dead, Mama. He was booby-trapped. Now, you get on outta here, so I can fix him up." (minutes later he comes "riding" in on his horse.) "LOOK! Now, we're going to Hal & Mal's to have some meatballs!!!"
  • Hutch: "Daddy, how come we've never been to Oklahoma?"
    Jeremy:" Because we're TEXANS, son!"
Happy Hump Day, friends!! Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. You do have some mighty funny kiddos! I love to read your posts about crazy, silly things those two H's have done and said! Cracks me up! I love the President comment...I will vote for you Hutch!