Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jarrod & Casey-Cat

We were beyond thrilled that Jarrod & Casey (aka Casey-Cat, as she is so lovingly called by the H's) made a trip to visit us last weekend. To sum up the weekend in a few words, the highlights of the weekend included: SoulShine, Hal and Mal's, 4 wheeler rides, steals at an antique shop, almost running out of gas (I mean, ALMOST), cooking out, Team Winckler, a Bloody Mary bar to beat all others (beef jerky infused vodka, what???), front porchin' it with great friends at their great house, and lots of laughter. This weekend topped the charts. Here's some pics.  Pardon the crazy arrangement- I threw in some others & it just wouldn't be right if anything were in actual order. 

For example, here is Hazel running around at the park.

It's Uncle Jarrod! And, Shirley Temples! And Pickles! That's the Jefferson Special, right there. Well, minus the Uncle Jarrod part. That was just a bonus. 

Aunt Casey managed to get a smile out of Hazel 

And, we are back at the park. Tire swings= awesomeness

OH, and Hazel's room got a much needed make-over. Here she is in her "big girl" bed. She had a sleeping buddy her first night. 

We were really excited to take Jarrod & Casey out to Lynn & Doug's land. It was a perfect day to bust out the 4 Wheeler. 

This is probably one of my favorite pictures ever. 

Hazel's expression is fantastic.

Monster Hunt in full swing. 

Hmmm, where'd they go?

And, of course, Hutch practiced his shootin'

Hazel Claire loves these 2.

Huge thanks to Jarrod & Casey for making the trip to visit!!!


  1. Looks like a super fun weekend! And I still think Casey could totally pass as one of your sisters...guess those Hoskinson boys have similar taste in their ladies! LOL! Hope y'all are doing Hutch getting excited about his big birthday coming up? Give the H's much love from SA!

  2. OMG That is not Hutch & Hazel. They Are getting so big. O-My they are stinkin cute. I miss all of you so much.

  3. FYI ... this is your long time friend Denise from Enterprise