Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Guess what? My new IPhone has motivated me to have a tech-makeover. I recently joined Instagram and Twitter. And, that's really all the news I have to report on that. I joined. I have no idea what do now. I have a few random people following me on "the Twitter". Do I know them? Maybe? I am not really sure. I can't figure out how to see who they actually are.  Honestly, after I set up my accounts, I grew bored. So, I haven't really looked at either account since. But, I am sure my interest will be revived at some point. Right? Right?
Now, Spotify, on the other hand. Oh, Spotify. You music generating app, you. Casey Hoskinson, I wish I could buy you a cold one just to show you how much I appreciate you encouraging this purchase. Oh. My. Word. There is so much music & it's all RIGHT THERE anytime you want it! I am sure I am driving Jeremy crazy- the other night, I was like, "What do you want to hear??? Anything! Anything you want, I can play it! Ooh...how about this... or this..." It's more fun than I can stand. And, I even discovered my new favorite band! Have you ever heard this song? The whole album is great...

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