Friday, February 21, 2014

The Friday Five

  1. Listening to Hazel turn just about every one syllable word into 2 or 3 is most definitely one of the highlights of my day-every day. That girl has got her a SOUTHERN accent to top all others- she is definitely Jackie Boone's granddaughter. My personal favorites? "Thaaa-yet"(that) and "Haaaay-elp!" (help)
  2. Might I recommend the Redfish Hannah at Weidmann's in Meridian? Best Valentine's dinner EVER! Complete with a Blue Moon & Au Gratin potatoes. Divine.
  3. Jeremy purchased a metal detector this week. His nerd status has just topped the charts. BUT, I can't wait to see what he discovers. Utica & Canton- watch out!
  4. On my to-do list next week? Order a birthday cake featuring a superhero carrying a Texas flag. I adore Hutch Hoskinson and his vivid imagination.
  5. Dear 6:00 PM, so nice to see you in the daylight. Welcome back. We've enjoyed beelining it outside after school to make a few rounds in the Power Wheels  and jumping on the trampoline before dark settles in. Love, Hutch & Hazel

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