Friday, February 28, 2014

The Friday Five

  1. Happy Retirement Day to my M-I-L! May your upcoming days be filled with not-setting-the-alarm, planning your dream-home in Canton, no agendas, gardening, reading, relaxing, traveling, and loving on grandbabies (hehe).
  2. I discovered this morning that Hutch & Hazel think I work at SoulShine Pizza.
  3. The Goldfinch- let's do this.
  4. 4 Yellows this week for Hutch. Here's to him getting a green today. To quote this smart little fella: "Well, you can't get yellows forever." Go get 'em, Hutch-man!
  5. I leave you with this....takes me back to my younger years in H-town. If I close my eyes, I can just picture shaking my hips and twirling around the dance floor at Sherlocks. Happy weekend, friends!!!


  1. Okay, let's try this again...I just posted a comment that for some reason didn't show up! So, if you get two comments that are similar in verbiage, I am not crazy...well, not clinically proven anyway! Alright here goes: I must know...did H-Man get a green on Friday? I was just looking at those pictures we took of him laying between my girls on my living room floor when they were just tiny babies thinking, "how can they be turning 5 already?!?!" It seems like just yesterday we were taking those pictures, both new mommies sharing notes and pointers! Now we have these big kids who will be 5 (very) soon and starting big school...and I like to think we are pros at this Mommy stuff! :) It goes way too fast...sniffle, sniffle! Are y'all ready for Hutch man's big birthday? Miss and love y'all!!!

  2. Hey, Amy! YES, he did get a green! GO HUTCH! I can't believe they are about to be 5...geez! I am actually mailing out invites for Hutch's bday party today & it's just unbelieveable. Love & Miss you tons!!!