Friday, March 28, 2014

The Friday Five

  1. Turnpike Troubadors= AMAZING! Our less-than-24-hours spent in Hattiesburg included beer drankin', two-steppin', t-shirt buyin', swimming (ahem), singing, band-meetin', hamburger eatin', wearing out our cab driver ("I'm sorry, sir, we have a total of 5 kids combined all under the age of 5 & we don't get out very often."), and a trip to the IHOP. It. Was. Fantastic.
  2. We are going to Houston today! We are going to Houston today! We are going to Houston today! SO excited to celebrate the upcoming marriage of Alissa & Mr. Pickles!
  3. Frozen. It has taken over our household. I promise to get a video of Hazel singing "Let it Go" It's probably one of the most entertaining things I have EVER seen. Talk about expression!
  4. High fives to my in-laws...they are going on Day 7 of entertaining the H's and they are still smiling.
  5. I recently discovered this & keep hitting repeat....

Promise to post pics of Hutch's bday party next week- it was craziness & lots of fun! Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Friday Five

  1. My past 24 hours have been filled with conversations focused on being thankful (turning 5-WOW), doctor visits, running fever at 2:30 AM, breathing machines, in-laws arrival (yay!), eating out just about every meal, puzzles, and Frozen. 
  2. Tomorrow= Hutch's 5th Birthday Bash, Middendorfs, and Turnpike Trubadours. Yes, Yes, Yes!
  3. March, slow down already! Geez!
  4. Last night, Hazel thanked God for Mama, Daddy, Monie, Grandpappy, Lolli, Pop and Mr. Pickles. What a cutie-patootie.  
  5. Because it's FRIDAY and we are going to see the Trubadours tomorrow, I will leave you with one of my favorites. Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy Birthday, Hutch!

Dear Hutch,
Today you turn FIVE years old! I can't believe it! It literally seems just like yesterday that your Daddy and I were anxiously awaiting your arrival. Talk about a LONG sure took your time getting here. :) You have brought us more happiness than we could have ever imagined. During these past 5 years you have laughed until your belly hurts, you have danced, you have rocked out, you have fought more bad guys than I could ever count, you have learned lots of big words & used them in the most entertaining ways, you have made incredible messes, you have protected your sister, you have demonstrated that you have a bigger heart than I could have ever hoped for, you have prayed, you have eaten continuosly, you have dressed up, you have told jokes, you have loved, you have had some tears (but, just a few, because you are, oh, so, "grave"), and you have learned so many things.
When I was pregnant with you, your Daddy & I talked so often about what type of little boy we wanted. We wished for a little fella who was bright, passionate, funny, mishevious, and full of love. I think it's fair to say that God answered our prayers because you are all of these things times 100.
We love you & thank God for you EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. May 5 be your best year ever!!! Thank you for all of the happiness you bring us!
We love you x 61 hundred,
Mama & Daddy
P.S. I know you can't read yet. But, hopefully, I will keep this blog around long enough that you will be able to look back one day & see this. :)
Here are a few of my fave Hutch pics when looking back over the past few years....






Hutch-Man, you are one cool cat! Happy Birthday!

Monday, March 17, 2014

2014 Paddy's Day Parade- Recap

Whew. I am worn out. This past weekend was the annual St. Paddy's Day parade in Jackson & as always, the weekend was full of fun! To sum it all up in more words that you probably feel like reading, the past few days contained: 

laughter (LOTS of laughter), dancing, singing, picture-taking, airport runs, marching, toasts, cheers, tears, smiles, hugs, sausage-grit casserole, Shirley Temples, wagon rides, Texas friends, charades, interpretive dance, texts from Jackie Boone to "TURN IT DOWN!!!" (while in the bed in the other room), Beef Ball (that does not contain beef, nor is it in a ball), glitter, tutus, Mr. Pickles, besties, running into old pals, celebrating someone we all miss dearly, a continuously running Keurig, Nuggets, Tuxes, Bloody Mary's, Hot For Teacher blaring at 7 AM to drag everyone out of bed (thank you, Ray Boone- it sure was entertaining for those of us already up), $10 port-a-potty usage fees, bands, photo booths, beads, Krystals, an outdoor fireplace, jokes, reminiscing 

This year was certainly different in many ways when compared to the past. We were so excited to have friends come in to help us celebrate & those not with us were missed and thought of so often throughout the weekend. 

Here are a few pics from the past few days!



Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Friday Five- (better late than never)

1. What did you do today? Hutch went to school as Thing 1 and he LOVED it. Hazel got to wear her new Tinkerbell-tee and I gave her a little splash of blue for her hair, too, so all was well with the world.
2. The Oscars. Did y'all watch them? What did you think? Oh, how I heart Ellen. You know I sent her an email one time? Not to her actual personal email address, but I sent an email to her show & just told her that I think she has such a huge heart & it's so great that she uses her platform to lift people up in so many ways. I never heard back. Oh, well, no hard feelings. I think she did great as a host. And, Jared Leto? Seriously? BEST. SPEECH. EVER. Jeremy and I happened to watch Dallas Buyers Club last Saturday night & we thought it was fantastic. The talent in that movie was amazing. I think Jared & Matthew's awards were very well deserved. And, not sure what all the hype is about MM's acceptance speech? Seems some people think it was extremely egotistical because he said he was his own hero? I personally thought it was great- he is always trying to be a better person. I feel ya, Matthew. I'm picking up what your laying down. You go get 'em, Matthew. It almost made me forget that my sister spotted you at ACL one time walking out of a port-a-potty with no shoes on (true story). Almost.
3. Date night tonight, whoot, whoot!!!! High fives to my parents for keeping our H's while we hit the town!
4. In one week, some of my favorite people will be here- ready to celebrate St. Paddy's!!!

5. Let me leave you with this little gem to get your weekend started right.