Friday, March 7, 2014

The Friday Five- (better late than never)

1. What did you do today? Hutch went to school as Thing 1 and he LOVED it. Hazel got to wear her new Tinkerbell-tee and I gave her a little splash of blue for her hair, too, so all was well with the world.
2. The Oscars. Did y'all watch them? What did you think? Oh, how I heart Ellen. You know I sent her an email one time? Not to her actual personal email address, but I sent an email to her show & just told her that I think she has such a huge heart & it's so great that she uses her platform to lift people up in so many ways. I never heard back. Oh, well, no hard feelings. I think she did great as a host. And, Jared Leto? Seriously? BEST. SPEECH. EVER. Jeremy and I happened to watch Dallas Buyers Club last Saturday night & we thought it was fantastic. The talent in that movie was amazing. I think Jared & Matthew's awards were very well deserved. And, not sure what all the hype is about MM's acceptance speech? Seems some people think it was extremely egotistical because he said he was his own hero? I personally thought it was great- he is always trying to be a better person. I feel ya, Matthew. I'm picking up what your laying down. You go get 'em, Matthew. It almost made me forget that my sister spotted you at ACL one time walking out of a port-a-potty with no shoes on (true story). Almost.
3. Date night tonight, whoot, whoot!!!! High fives to my parents for keeping our H's while we hit the town!
4. In one week, some of my favorite people will be here- ready to celebrate St. Paddy's!!!

5. Let me leave you with this little gem to get your weekend started right.

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