Friday, March 21, 2014

The Friday Five

  1. My past 24 hours have been filled with conversations focused on being thankful (turning 5-WOW), doctor visits, running fever at 2:30 AM, breathing machines, in-laws arrival (yay!), eating out just about every meal, puzzles, and Frozen. 
  2. Tomorrow= Hutch's 5th Birthday Bash, Middendorfs, and Turnpike Trubadours. Yes, Yes, Yes!
  3. March, slow down already! Geez!
  4. Last night, Hazel thanked God for Mama, Daddy, Monie, Grandpappy, Lolli, Pop and Mr. Pickles. What a cutie-patootie.  
  5. Because it's FRIDAY and we are going to see the Trubadours tomorrow, I will leave you with one of my favorites. Enjoy your weekend!

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