Friday, March 28, 2014

The Friday Five

  1. Turnpike Troubadors= AMAZING! Our less-than-24-hours spent in Hattiesburg included beer drankin', two-steppin', t-shirt buyin', swimming (ahem), singing, band-meetin', hamburger eatin', wearing out our cab driver ("I'm sorry, sir, we have a total of 5 kids combined all under the age of 5 & we don't get out very often."), and a trip to the IHOP. It. Was. Fantastic.
  2. We are going to Houston today! We are going to Houston today! We are going to Houston today! SO excited to celebrate the upcoming marriage of Alissa & Mr. Pickles!
  3. Frozen. It has taken over our household. I promise to get a video of Hazel singing "Let it Go" It's probably one of the most entertaining things I have EVER seen. Talk about expression!
  4. High fives to my in-laws...they are going on Day 7 of entertaining the H's and they are still smiling.
  5. I recently discovered this & keep hitting repeat....

Promise to post pics of Hutch's bday party next week- it was craziness & lots of fun! Have a great weekend!!!

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