Friday, April 11, 2014

The Friday Five- The AT Edition

It's Bachelorette Weekend for Alissa Trove!!! Yay! We are in Gruene this weekend celebrating our fabulous friend, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite things about this little lady & what I hope this weekend involves on today's Friday Five.

1. When trying to think of my all-time favorite Alissa story, I am bombarded by a whirlwind of such fun memories. So, to make sure they are appropriate for the blog (as if they wouldn't be???) and to keep this list from turning into a novel (who, me?), here are a few words to sum it all up: Enterprise, dancing, NOLA, Memphis, bathroom stalls (ahem), bloody mary's, karaoke, hurricane-survivals, olives & cool whip (not together. separate. for dinner.), solo cab rides (sorry!), Vegas, AMLI, pool days, Love Actually, Texas Trash & chocolate covered Ritz crackers, work hard/ play hard, laughter & tears, sleeping in parking lots, Superbowl, Fox & Hound, road trips, unattended microphones, and roomies.

2. I plan on eating some really good Mexican food, bar-b-que, taking in a bit of shopping, and maybe lounging by the pool. Wow, my 25 year old self is so disappointed in my anticipation of this Bachelorette Weekend.

3. Gruene Hall!!!

4. Because this post is dedicated to Alissa, I leave you with this....(fyi, do yourself & skip to
5. Alissa, may your weekend be filled with your favorite songs, favorite ladies, favorite beverages, LOADS of laughter, and amazing memories. I love you, TONS!!!

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