Friday, April 25, 2014

The Friday Five- What? You Thought I Forgot??

  1. Here are the reasons I have not blogged in 2 weeks: our laptop bid us farewell a couple of days ago. I have soop-ah cute Easter pics of the kiddos that I went to load on Tuesday when I realized that I couldn't get the computer to turn on. Boo. And, I have been a bit over the blogging lately, honestly. So, I decided to take a breather. There will most likely be a few more of those to come until I get out of my blog-funk.
  2. I read this a little while ago on A Cup of Jo: * "I thought I would share something that never fails to make me smile, even on the bluest of days. Are you ready? Just imagine a Tyrannosaurus Rex making up a king size bed. Those tiny arms. Those big sheets. Amazing. —Kirsten. Kristen, you are hilarious! Let's be friends.
  3. I can't tell you how many times I have reenacted "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" with Hazel this week. We have old-school french-style doors that open to our living room that is perfect to set the scene. She stands on one side & I stand on the other, while we take turns being Elsa & Ana. I always create ALOT of frustration on her part because I can't remember all the words. Speaking of Frozen, Jeremy sent me this today. I was ROLLING.
  4. The Goldfinch. Does anyone know when I get to the part where I can't put it down? I am about 82% done and I haven't seemed to find it yet. This. Is. The. Never. Ending. Book. I will say it's well written, but geez, it's depressing. Good thing I have the handy T-Rex/ King sheets trick to use going forward!
  5. And, here's my favorite song for this week. (Nope, still not sick of them!) I have cranked this about 4 times today with the windows down. Perfect.


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  1. Maybe you could find the best of both worlds on Craigslist. Seriously, I'm amazed at some of the good stuff people sell. We still have the couches Cody had in college. Thank goodness for LOTS of black duct tape! Man those things are cheap! Happy weekend.