Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Goldfinch- Review

Hiya, friends! I am just dropping by to do a book review. I know I haven't posted in quite some time, but know this blog has been on my mind. Alot, actually. Kindof like a loved one I haven't seen in a while. I am trying to find a new way to upload some pics (laptop probs. still.) so I promise some kiddo updates very soon. Things have been a bit hectic the past couple of weeks & having to take the time to learn how to upload pics in a new way (hard) just hasn't been a priority. In fact, it's kindof like everytime I think about it, I grimace & think, "Oh, I will do that tomorrow." Ugh. Sometimes I hate change.
So, let's skip to the review. The Goldfinch. Oh, mercy. I love a long book. But, this book was just never- ending. I have yet to read a bad review on it, but really, I just wasn't that into it. The author certainly had a way with words & there were parts that I really did enjoy. BUT, overall, I thought it was just really drug out & down right depressing. There were moments where I thought, "Seriously? How many bad things can happen in this book? Give the guy a break!" But, I powered on. I kept waiting for the "can't put it down" feeling I kept hearing so much about. I finally felt that way towards the end, but I think that was just a result of it being so close to "over."
I love a good book that keeps me up at know, the kind you open up are tempted to open up at stop lights? The kind that you can read in about 48 hours? It's been a while since I have found one like this & I am ready! I have moved on to The Case for Christ and while it's certainly interesting, it's not what I would call a page turner. I have learned alot, though & it's neat to see so many things I have believed in for so long to be backed by actual fact. One of the focuses of this book is to separate faith from historical proof. I can only assume that people read this book for different reasons. The author set out to prove that Jesus did not exist, but he ends up becoming a Christian along the way. I thought it would be neat to take a look at what he actually discovered & so far it's pretty interesting. Alot of comparing to historical figures I have never heard of, "lost books" of the Bible, theologians, etc. It's honestly a bit over my head, but I am determined to finish! After this, I may need to switch back to something that requires very little thought. Maybe a new YA series. 
Anyways, I promise to update some pics of the H's soon! They have been quite the busy ones- Hutch just graduated Pre-K last night (watch out, world!) and we have been traveling all over. And, then there's Easter pics, etc., etc.
Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Try The Husband's Secret. I think author is Laine Moriarty. Very good. I just finished it last week. : )

    1. Hey, Jenn! I have read it- great book!!!