Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Change, bittersweet change. While this post is obviously a few weeks overdue, I had to dedicate a special post to my special Kindergartener. Oh, how did this day get here so quickly? I didn't cry when we walked him to his class the first day. Well, let me clarify- I didn't cry. Hazel did. She didn't want to leave her big brother behind. But, I did shed quite a few tears as I walked away from that bus stop on that highly anticipated 2nd day of school.
 I have realized over the past couple of months that change is hard, even when it's change that you have been counting down the days for. I tried not to talk to Hutch too much about kindergarten over the summer, because I knew he was smart enough to realize that starting a new school would also mean not spending days with his favorite classmates that he absolutely adored. Don't get me wrong- we talked about it frequently. But, I didn't bring it up all the time (as I was so tempted to do) because even for this little outgoing fella, new things can be a challenge. We recently moved, and that was a change that we had talked about and dreamed about since we practically arrived in Jackson. But, it also meant not being neighbors to a family that we grew quite fond of. And not being able to walk to our favorite fishing spot. Hutch was so devastated we were leaving, he had a breakdown one night & begged us to take EVERYTHING in the house- ceiling fans included. We soon realized, however, that he was experiencing his first real "change" and while he was certainly excited, he knew that some things would just not be able to come with us. Growing up is hard.
I say all of this because I still can't believe that my favorite little fella has left the preschool world and joined the elementary ranks. He wakes up smiling & can't wait to board that school bus. He orders his lunch in the cafeteria line like a big boy. He's already got it all figured out. In fact, he asked me while standing in line to meet his teacher, "Mama, can I go to college?"
You go get 'em, Hutch-man!!!

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