Friday, February 19, 2016

The Friday Five (Catch-Up Edition)

SO, it's been a while! Here is what's going with us- the speedy version.

1. We are having another baby girl! We are so excited & can't wait to welcome our little caboose into the world in June. Name will either be Hollis or Mary Hollis. Hazel was thrilled to find out she was going to have a sister. Hutch's reaction??? "Well, congratulations, Hazel. I am disappointed it's not a boy but I am happy for you." He was very mature about this. He is almost 7, you know.

2.  The Dixie National- we checked that off our 2016 calendar. The kids were not as excited as they were last year about the actual rodeo- their attention seemed to be focused on the food options and Hazel was mesmerized by the "Rodeo Queens." The highlight of my night was when they brought the kids out to rope the calves & Hazel leaned over and said, "Mama, I just feel so bad for those little lambs." Bless it.

3. Coffee, ice cream, lemonade, Wendy's, froyo, cokes, icees, berries. These items seem to be what I am leaning towards these days. I don't know what it is about a frozen coke icee but they are AMAZING.
4. Lucinda Williams is coming to MS! Whoot, whoot! SO excited about taking the kiddos to their first music fest and the fact that they get to see Lucinda Williams live. AND, it's just up the road in Meridian. Double win.

5. Kids Bop. How addictive is this????

Thanks for reading, as always!!!! Have a great weekend!


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