Saturday, March 19, 2016

This Guy.

There is NO WAY he is seven today! Seriously, time, let's slow down a tad bit please!

Because it's his 7th birthday and because his Daddy marches with the O'Tux'ers and because his Pop marches with the O'Tux'ers and because he looks too cute in a short-suit and sash and because it's just in his blood, he is marching for the first time in the St. Paddy's Day Parade today! Whoot-Whoot! 

At 7 years old, this dude is reading, smiling, laughing, figuring it all out, fishing, driving boats, driving trucks, laying fence, pulling trucks out of mud with tractors, video-gaming, slumber-partying, signing, rapping, dancing, playing soccer, eating (alot), traveling, watching out for his little sister, and keeping us more entertained than ever. 

Hutch, you mean the world to us and we love more than you will EVER know. You are a ray of sunshine and we thank God for you each and every day. Shine on, Hutch-man and Happy Birthday!!!

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  1. Lovely photo, and your header is beautiful! :)